How Much Do Women Age 50+ Spend On Their Appearance?

The average woman will spend over £70,000 on her appearance in her lifetime.

We all know the UK beauty industry is big business and new research shows just how much over 50s are willing to spend on appearance.

Research from SNWS digital and commissioned by Peter Hahn of 1,800 women aged 50 – 70 shows that they spend £1,783 a year.

This works out at £148.58 per month, for all skin, hair and body care, makeup and cosmetic products.

Compared to other age groups?

So how do over 50s stack up against other ages?

A survey by Groupon asked the buying habits for the beauty of 1,000 British women of various age groups.

This included spent of everything from gym membership (which came out at the extremely conservative figure of £7 per month?!) to cosmetics.

The average came out as £112.65 and the report revealed nearly half of this goes on face products alone at £53.87 per month.

So over 50s spend are the biggest spenders on looking glamorous, although we can’t get an exact figure as Groupon’s survey included over 50s as well, the 31% increase in the over survey exclusively those age 50 and beyond shows there’s a fairly significant difference.

Women over 45 now account for 58.14% of their beauty market as shown in research by beauty website Escentual. This age group are the biggest buyers of premium beauty products as women start to invest in positive ageing products to maintain skin health.

A glamorous lifestyle to match

The research by SNWS digital also took also took into account the lifestyle of women over 50, revealing they go out a minimum of three nights a month while going to restaurants two times and meeting up with friends four times a month.

A spokeswoman for Peter Hahn said: “Our research suggests many older women like to lead quite a classy and glamorous lifestyle – enjoying nice food, looking good and having a great time with their friends.”

As we turn 50 we usually experience a new leaf on life while we are comfortable with who we are and know what we like. We’ve mastered our style and understand exactly what we need to look our best.

The over 50 age group are enjoying a more decadent lifestyle than many would think. The stereotypes of ‘going over the hill’ at fifty and beginning to ‘slow down’ are anything but true.

50th birthdays are even being dubbed the ‘new 21st’, with sales of 50th birthday cards and party paraphernalia becoming the most popular category.

Over 50s maintain their appearances and the figures show spending only increases on our appearance as we reach this age. We invest into looking glamorous so why not have a lifestyle to match?

Changing attitudes to ageing

The once common marketing dialect of ‘anti-ageing’ has lost it’s allure and the trend in the ageing beauty market has shifted.  Rather than aspiring to be ten years younger, older women prefer to maintain skin health while looking nourished and radiant.

With the appeal of ‘anti-ageing’ gone, consumers understand there’s nothing wrong with looking their age and opt for products which help them look healthy and nourished.

Research is already illustrating this as the study conducted by Allergan, makers of the injectable filler brand Juvederm, shows that 41% of British women would prefer their faces to look “fresher and radiant” rather than “younger”. While 2017 was the year media outlets really took a hold of the trend with the likes of Vogue featuring 73-year-old Lauren Hutton on not one, but three Vogue covers while Allure ditched the term ‘anti-ageing’ for good in a campaign fronted by Helen Mirren.

What do you think about these figures? Let us know in the comment section, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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