Why 50th Birthdays Are The New 21st

Midsters are having the biggest and best parties ever.

50th birthday bashes have overtaken all other birthdays in terms of celebrations. They are the new twenty-first, they have become the time to go all out and have the biggest celebration of your life.

Fifty-year-olds are looking to mark their birthday’s in more and more extravagant ways, and rightfully so. From a big party to year-long mini celebrations It’s a great excuse to let your hair down, wearing an outfit from somewhere our daughter’s shop! Why not?! Nowadays being 50 is fabulous, we’re starting to lose the anti-emphasis towards age and celebrate the virtues that come with it.

And the figures agree… Clinton’s Cards (UK’s biggest card retailer), revealed 50th birthday cards are now top of the league table at 16% of the total cards sold whilst twenty-firsts come in second at 14.1%, with 18th birthday cards follow closely behind at 13.8%.

Some people are worried about turning 50 whilst others completely embrace the whole ‘half a century’ birthday.   I have some friends who have had a full black-tie event, incorporating champagne reception, table seating with Scottish dancing! Others who opted for the more informal fancy dress party with a DJ, one of my friends made her 50th last the year!  Following a great evening out in a hotel in London, she was presented with a beautifully designed calendar, each month she had something meaningful arranged, either by her husband or by friends who ‘bought a month’ it climaxed with the Northern Lights on New Year’s Eve, very special!

I luckily had experienced all these wonderful events and decided that for mine I would like to celebrate it with various groups of friends, it began a month before when I was whisked away to Iceland for a trip to the Blue Lagoon, followed by a great ‘day out’ with girlfriends, a weekend escape to a house by the sea with a few couples, on my actual birthday I spent the day with a special friend and the evening with family, my birthday continued with another weekend away arranged for me, finishing in a wonderful 2 day break to a spa with my mum!

Celebrating 50 is a great excuse to add the fun factor to your life.

Fifty mini-celebrations

A weekend escape – the beautiful views of the peak district.

Try the 50 challenges, experience 50 new things in a year! And make them fun! Why not splash out and stay in a fancy hotel or spa? Have the hangover-aiding facilities at hand to recover from the night(s) of celebration.

Go on a holiday and travel to a place you’ve never been before, try something completely different and immerse yourself in a foreign culture.

Rock fifty with a theme

Our 80s themed birthday party.

What better way to celebrate than with some shoulder pads, sparkle and a wig. We all love a good 80s party, as I discovered when a friend’s retro bash went on all night. There as so many great excuses to dress up, here are some fantastic theme ideas to help you get started.

  • 80s
  • Roaring 20s
  • Chanel
  • Burlesque
  • Retro
  • Casino
  • Glamour
  • The country pad
  • The experience

Get creative with your cakes!

The celebs turning 50 in style

No expense is spared with these celebs looking to celebrate their 50th birthday in true style and extravagance:

Cindy Crawford

@RandeGerber whisking me away for my birthday weekend! ✈️🌴

A post shared by Cindy Crawford (@cindycrawford) on

The model and fitness star celebrated at her Beverly Hills home before chartering a private jet and travelling to the Caribbean island of St. Bart’s to continue the party.

Noel Gallagher

Rockstar Noel Gallagher rented out a stately mansion in the Cotswolds for the weekend where he filled it with celebrity friends including Madonna, Bono and Stella McCartney.

Michelle Obama

The former first lady celebrated the milestone birthday by taking full advantage of The White House, her abode at the time. Guests included Steve Wonder, John Legend, Jay-Z and many more.

Whatever you decide to do make it a memorable occasion and enjoy!

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