Lauren Hutton Becomes The Oldest Person Ever To Cover Vogue

The legendary Lauren Hutton returns to the covers of Vogue at the age of 74, making her the oldest female cover star ever.

The model appears on three different covers for the October edition of Vogue Italia, entitled ‘The Timeless Issue’.

Hutton is no stranger to Vogue’s front cover, appearing on a total of 40 with a modelling career that has lasted over five decades.

Upon covering the issue Hutton comments, “I’ve had a record 27 covers of American Vogue, and I’ve had 13 other Vogue covers, but this is the most important I have ever done, the one that has made me feel most useful.”

She continues, “This is a cover that can change society, because it shows a woman who is vibrant, attractive, who still laughs, and who for the first time is a woman my age.”

Photographer Steven Klein captures Hutton who appears vibrant, sassy, sexy and fun, embracing her age.

Lauren Hutton writes ‘perseverance furthers’ in red lipstick, a judgement of the hexagram from the I Chin.

The issue focuses exclusively on women over 60 for the first time ever and makes an important contribution to the positive ageing movement, something which has somewhat exploded over the past year with publishers Allure ditch the term ‘anti-ageing’ for it’s negative connotations, fronted by Helen Mirren.

Italia’s first ever cover model from it’s November 1965 issue, Benedetta Barzini is one of the over 60s to feature in the issue.

Editor-in-Chief Emanuele Farneti, explains,  “We think that it is about inclusive diversity, the real challenge of today. This relates to gender, ethnicity and religion, and it is also true for age — no one feels excluded.”


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