Welcome to Rejuvage

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Welcome to Rejuvage

The first positive ageing destination. Taking the anti out of ‘anti-ageing’.

Like many people, I felt overwhelmed by ageing, as all too often, it is a taboo subject. This is what sparked the idea to create Rejuvage.
This new pro-ageing community and wellness hub is committed to putting positivity back into ageing and driving the shift from anti-ageing. Rejuvage is about feeling and looking amazing, at any age.

Ageing is a major part of our day-to-day lives and Rejuvage aims to walk with you on your journey.

As a lifelong exercise addict and outdoor girl – and now post 50 – I found the aches and wrinkles kicking in and my body reacting to the stresses of this active lifestyle. Confused about what was the best approach to address this, I often turned to friends, Google and specialist consultants for advice.

But that did not stop me feeling bombarded with adverts about the latest anti-ageing skincare and serums, not to mention what makeup to wear and advice on more advanced treatments and surgery. Where do you start? Who do you believe?

This is where Rejuvage comes in: with a mix of health, wellness and beauty experience, sharing tips on lots of different anti-ageing products and treatments. Pro-ageing is something we are passionate about and together with a team of friends we are on a mission to share some great tips. One of the perks of the job is trying out lots of new products and procedures, some better than others.

In fact, we trial and test numerous products, makeup, treatments and surgery with a section on each to share reviews, tips, inspiring stories and honest, independent feedback on the best and award-winning options out there. We also keep track of the latest treatment trends and will share who is doing what, what it does, how it works and where to go for the best treatments.

I would like you to think of us as your friends. We will tell you the inside story if it hurts we’ll say so and if it produces a miracle result – we will definitely rave about it!

Join us today as we create a new kind of anti-ageing destination, one that celebrates the beauty of experience and takes the ‘anti’ out of ageing. We want to create a whole community of like-minded people, a much-needed online platform that shares information on every aspect of ageing from a positive perspective – so you feel great at every age.

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Louise Proddow


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