The Best Anti-Ageing Devices for 2017

We’ve seen some interesting devices come to the market recently. As technology develops, what were once professional procedures that needed to be carried out at spas and clinics can now be done in the comfort of your own home.

We look at best new releases as well as some of the most popular cosmetic tech on the market that really make a difference when it comes to anti-ageing.

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Best for Wrinkles & Toning: NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer Kit £265.09

NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer is FDA-approved and uses microcurrent technology to improve facial contour, skin tone and reduce wrinkles. The process involves gliding spheres across your face for a few cycles. The treatment takes around 5 minutes and yields noticeable results, immediately smoothing the skin.

The device has had a very positive response from consumers and critics, winning the NM Beauty award in 2016. Consumers report the product actually works and the only critique that comes up is towards the price.


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Best For Cleansing: Foreo Luna™ MINI 2 – FUCHSIA £89.25 

A new release to 2016, combining t-sonic pulsations with non-porous silicone touch points. The Luna Mini is an effective way to unclog pores, oil and dirt for healthier looking skin.

The product has become a bestseller, loved by beauty bloggers, gurus and consumers alike.


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Best For Lifting: Neo Elegance Face Lift Pro £294.00

Using the same technology found in the no-needle mesotherapy treatments, using LED, electrical muscle stimulation and electroporation to penetrate deep within the skin to rejuvenate and plumpen.

The obscure device is starting to gain traction in the market, having featured in Women’s Health January/February 2017 edition, gaining a high rating for it’s skin tightening ability at a competitive price.


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Best For Eyes: Foreo Iris Eye Massager £89.25 

Another sleek designed device from Foreo, this time an eye massager. Mimicking a professional massage through sonic pulses to beat signs of fatigue, stress and ageing, smoothing the look of wrinkles and rejuvenating the eyes. 



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