Best Makeup Tutorials and Tips to Inspire Your Christmas Looks

With all the christmas parties and christmas dinners coming up, the same old make-up look just isn’t going to cut it for us. This time of year you want to look your best and add a bit of extra sparkle! However, we dont know about you but we dont always know where to start to change up our looks! We’ve found some great makeup tutorials for midlifers to provide some inspiration and advice!

Getting a Good Base

It’s important to have a good base to start with when applying your party looks. These tips are a good place to start:

  • Make sure you’re moisturised. This time of year, the cold air can leave our skin dry and cracked. Theres nothing worse than applying makeup and finding it peeling off or not sitting right. Make sure you moisturise day and night to leave your skin ready for when you need it to be!
  • Perfect your base first. Don’t add any colour and until you have the foundation you are happy with!
  • Find the right primer. Primer helps keep your makeup on from day to night. This is perfect if you’re going straight from work to christmas drinks, or just making sure your look stays on all night.
  • Practice! Try your makeup looks before the day. Try out different things, different colours and perfect your techniques. Theres nothing worse than leaving it till the day and not having time to fix it or do it again!

Makeup Tutorials for Mature Skin – What To Do…

Christmas Makeup with Trinny

Trinny and her makeup team show you some looks to inspire you from sparkly to glossy eyes and matching your makeup to your outfits.

Makeup For Older Women: Fabulous Party Makeup

Tricia shows you various tips and trick for mature skin including base makeup, how to use highlight on the cheekbones and brow bones, shimmery eyes, and luscious lips.

Makeup for Older Women: Red Carpet Party Looks

Tricia glams it up even more with this pro age makeup tutorial for Red Carpet / Party look thats specifically to suit mature faces, eyes and lips.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Incredible Anti Ageing Make-Up Masterclass

A special video from Charlotte Tilbury, where she shows an anti ageing look she created for Jennifer Anniston with great results!

Tips & Tricks for Makeup Over 50

Makeup artist Kristen Arnett talks applying foundation, concealer, creating definition around the eyes, shaping your eyebrows, applying blush and lipstick!

How I do Makeup on Mature Skin

Makeup artist Hindash shows how to do a pretty look for mature women, taking you through priming your skin to finishing touches.

Glam Makeup Tutorial for Mature Skin 

This glam makeup tutorial takes you through the step by step process including techniques specifically for mature skin such as hooded eyes, how to plump the lips, and how to make wrinkles disappear!

1980s Supermodel’s Spectacular Age-Defying Beauty Routine

Iconic supermodel Joan Severance takes you through her beauty routine for Vogue including all the small slight of hand makeup tricks she use to camouflage her vitiligo and enhance her existing features.

..And What Not To Do

12 Makeup Mistakes on Mature Skin, Hooded Eyes and Wrinkles.

As the title suggests, this video covers what not to do when it comes to applying makeup to mature skin!


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