Review: WHITE HOT Hair Care For Grey Hair

Naturally white and grey hair has never been more fashionable, and The White Hot capsule collection of hair care products is designed to make sure it looks its very best. But why do we need specific hair care for grey?

By Adele Mitchell

Natural grey and white hair is on-trend and super stylish – thankfully the days when it was considered the look of a woman who had ‘given up’ are long gone.
Now, more and more women are choosing to embrace their natural grey, and turning their back on artificial hair colour and the dreaded root regrowth.

When I made the decision to stop colouring my hair and to allow it grow naturally, people told me I was ‘brave’. But, as White Hot founder Jayne Mayle says

“It’s more about letting yourself loose, feeling confident … Age and experience is a beautiful thing and embracing my natural grey and white hair has been hugely liberating.”
Now I love my new shades of grey: its flattering, suits my skin tone and – I hope – looks effortlessly chic.

However grey does have its own unique hair care issues: it is prone to looking dull and feeling coarse, and has a tendency to acquire a brassy, yellow tinge over time due to everyday pollutants and UV rays.
So it’s great to have products specifically formulated to tackle these problems.
The most effective method is to use purple to balance out the brassiness – but don’t panic, modern products are not the ‘blue rinse’ favoured by nanas of days gone by: they are formulated to leave no trace once you rinse.

While the White Hot range is not the first to target the needs of grey hair, the collection of shampoos, conditioners and styling products does stand out for its stylish across-the-range packaging (no chance of hiding these away in shame at the back of the bathroom cupboard).
They also smell lovely, without being overpowering, which really enhances the experience of using them.
I also like that this is a complete collection that takes meets all grey hair care needs in one range.

There are two shampoos in the White Hot range:

 A detox shampoo for daily use. It is formulated to neutralise shine-dulling pollutants and moisturise as it cleanses.

The shampoo contains blue lupin and optical brightener to banish dull, yellow tones. The recommendation is to use this once or twice a week.


An everyday conditioner that tackles wiry, coarse hair and restores flex and shine.

A three-minute deep conditioner. It also contains Blue Lupin and optical brightener to restore shine – another purple powerhouse!


Use before blow-drying to impart a glossy shine, or you can add it to dry hair for a high-gloss finish. Be sparing as a little goes a long way. Note: despite appearances, the oil is clear – it’s the bottle that is blue!

It not only has the best name ever, but it also adds volume, texture and definition to help banish the not so glamourous ‘fluffy’ look. Once your hair is dry, simply rub a tiny amount into your palm and then ‘shoosh’.

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