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This is not a paid promotion, it’s just a genuine recommendation!

Most women have eyelash envy and if asked ‘what would be the one item of make-up you can’t go without?’ would answer ‘mascara’. I know I would! That is until I learnt about some eyelash treatments. Firstly, on the recommendation of a friend, I went to get my eyelashes permed. On top of this I found a great product, Rapid Lash a lash enhancing serum. The combination of these treatments gave me great results that I wanted to share with you.

Top pictures before / bottom pictures after

2017                                                                                                  2018

RapidLash Results

In 2017 I had just started to use Rapid Lash and was applying it to my upper lashes only. During 2018 I have started to apply it to my lower lashes as well and am beginning to notice a difference. My eyelashes feel longer and once I have had them permed and tinted I don’t feel the need to wear mascara or if I do then a quick swipe is sufficient – believe me it’s all about minimum maintenance for me!

The Rapid Lash makes my eyelashes feel smooth and silky – weirdly as if they are plastic! Sounds a bit odd but they do have a strange feel. I have started to apply RapidLash to my eyebrows recently as I have found as I am ageing my they are thinning slightly! You do need to use this on a daily basis, I put it on before I go to bed and have had no issues with the product at all.

RapidLash Ingredient

RapidLash’s patented unique formula is called HEXATEIN 1 COMPLEX, and this formula consists of six key ingredients. These include: amino acids, which use proteins to create healthy eyelashes and eyebrows; biotin, which promotes lash growth and hydrates lashes and brows for strength; polypeptides, which help reduce eyelash breakage; soybean oil, which creates the appearance of dramatic, voluminous, and shiny lashes; and pumpkin seed extract, which is packed with healthy vitamins to enhance the overall appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows.

These ingredients, when combined, are said to create a powerful serum that enhances and improves eyelashes while reducing breakage and adding shine and moisture. Rapid Lash doesn’t contain harmful parabens and an ophthalmologist has tested it. It’s safe to use even if you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, and the company doesn’t test on animals.

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Images from @RapidLashUK Instagram

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