Have We Become Obsessed With Our Eyebrows?

The eyebrow industry turns over an average of £20 million a year. Gone are the days of reaching for the tweezers and sorting out a few strays or shaping them ourselves. No, we thread them, wax them, shave them off and have them tattooed on or we have them micro-bladed… in short, we are obsessed with our eyebrows. My friend brushes them with a toothbrush every morning – she hates leaving the house unless they’ve had a good going over! Since when have these little areas of hair that are meant to catch our sweat become of such interest?

Eyebrow Fashion Through The Years

2018 is a return to the 1940’s when eyebrows were full and natural. The 50’s brought more of a defined shapely brow, influenced the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. In the 60’s the brow’s took a back seat to heavy liner and false eyelashes and tended to be short and neat. Eyebrows still weren’t the forefront of the face in the 70’s, staying neat and thin and bright sparkly eyeshadow and vibrant blusher was the main focus. The 80’s saw the return of bushy full brows but we plucked them all off again in the 90’s, and they became even thinner in the 2000’s! The tweezers were again ditched, and from 2010 they became a powerful part of the face. Since then, they have been getting stronger and stronger, with us girls darkening them against our hair tones.

Nowadays, it seems we’re done with the over shaped eyebrows, and its a case of the fuller the better. The fashion is more natural, textured eyebrows like Kaia Gerber, Cara Delavigne, or Emilia Clarke

A Dad’s Rant About His Daughters Eyebrows

One recent video that garnered a lot of attention was when Scottish Comedian Gary Meikle ranted about his daughter’s eyebrow obsession. Not being able to understand why eyebrows were so important, he was sick of daily having to reassure her daughter that her “eyebrows were banging”. His vlog went viral and he has since used it in his stand up material!

Watch the hilarious video here

How Do You Keep Your Eyebrows In Check?

So how do we keep them from looking unruly? We use fine pencils, using feather like strokes to create a natural look. Once happy with the look then apply a setting gel, then brush them as this keeps them in place and makes them look thicker but keeps them under control.

Recently micro-blading is a big trend, a tattooing technique that adds to your existing brow to give them a thicker look – although finding a decent therapist is a must!  Full tattooed brows are still around, which can give a harsh look and go seriously wrong if not done by a professional!

All I know is that as we age our brows naturally thin, and finding a brow boost that suits you and your lifestyle can make your whole face look different.

What Eyebrow Products?

Here’s a couple of products we recommend:

NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Gel (Various Shades)- £6.00

“A waterproof brow formula that helps create the appearance of thicker, fuller-looking eyebrows.”

MAC Brow Set – Clear – £15.50

“Delivering an invisible veil, the waterproof formula expertly combs, shapes and defines with long-wearing, eight hour wear.”

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