Do Lip Fillers Make You Look Younger?


Lips naturally thin as we get older, the rate at which this happens determined by our genetics. Considering this, countering the process with fillers is logically going to make us look younger, right?

It’s a polarising subject amongst experts. The main point being that fuller lips look out of place on a face otherwise showing all the usual effects of age.

The other argument being plumper lips make you look younger for the very simple reason that we have them when we’re younger! Lips reach their maximum volume in young adulthood and begin shrinking past the age of 30.

This scepticism is exacerbated by the number of botched procedures, where unskilled practitioners disregard the natural proportions of the lip. Making them look very out of place.

Celebs love them! Cher and Nicole Kidman are amongst the many celebrities with filled lips.

What’s the Procedure like?

First, a general anaesthetic is applied to numb the area, so pain is minimal.Then collagen and hyaluronic acid are carefully injected into the required areas to ensure the results look as natural as possible.

The effects last for around six months and are noticeable immediately. A common misconception is that your lips will sag once the effects wear off. But don’t worry, they will revert back to normal!

The Bottom Line

Lip fillers are a great way for plumping up lips thinning from age. Although controversial amongst experts the general public consensus is that they make is look younger, demonstrated by the popularity of the procedure! Although, it’s imperative you see a professional to avoid a botched job. Little regulatory measures are in place for the cosmetic industry, so chose your practitioner wisely.

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