The Unexpected Benefits Of Botox

So we all know that botox is great at reducing wrinkles, fine lines and giving your face a temporary boost. But studies have shown that the toxin has a few other unexpected benefits that aren’t to do with appearance at all!

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin type A, or Botox as it is commonly known, is a purified neurotoxin (nerve toxin) derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It works by paralysing the nerve supply to muscles, thereby restricting their movement.

Migraine Aid?

The reasons why Botox might aid a migraine are not clear, and several theories have been put forward. At various points, it has been suggested that Botox will reduce the nerve’s ability to send pain signals during a migraine. The NHS have now recognised this as an assistance in cases where the sufferer is complaining of 15 or more on a monthly basis and has not responded to alternative medications.


Remember 2002 – Botox came on the market – NEVER! We said! Then we dabbled and realised that our sad dour looking faces could look youthful and optimistic again! They called it a ‘facial anti-depressant’ then realised that it actually has anti-depressant qualities. Research completed by the University of Texas tested the Botox ‘happiness’ theories and found that:

  • Looking good = feeling good
  • Less scowling means people react more positively
  • Paralysing frowns prevents sad signals to the brain

Although unexplainable 9 out of 10 majorly depressed participants have reported relief from depression after being injected with botox.

Time to book your slot! Obviously not for your heavily lined forehead but surely for your own well being! We won’t tell!


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