My First Experience With Kinesiology

I love an alternative treatment, so when I heard about Kinesiology I immediately booked a session. I always have an open mind and have tried various therapies over the years.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that works on every aspect of health including physical health, psychological, emotional, nutrition and spiritual. It uses muscle testing techniques to monitor the flow of energy in the body. They can then identify factors which may be disrupting the natural flow and causing health problems.

Once identified, the therapist uses gentle massage and touch on reflex and acupuncture points. A Kinesiologist may also suggest changes in lifestyle or nutrition to help.

Want more information on Kinesiology? Check out this video!

What is Kinesiology Used For? 

Kinesiology is used to treat a wide range of physical and mental problems, including back pain, common aches, stress, injuries, and even depression. Kinesiologists claim that this therapy can help children with learning disabilities, ADHD/ADD, speech disorders and sleep problems.

My Experience With Kinesiology

I went along to Kinesiology as I felt tired, my back was aching, and hormones are lacking (I had my ovaries removed so I take HRT). Other than that I felt fairly normal (I say fairly as what is normal really?)

I had previously filled in an ‘about me’ form detailing symptoms, my daily food diary, any injuries/concerns etc. I laid down on a couch where I was asked various questions whilst holding my arm out and pushing against the therapist, Claire’s hand. During this process, she would have a bottle resting on my shoulder area. She found various areas that needed treating and concentrated on massaging them. Some were painful but she continued with the testing of various potions. She realigned my chakra, my gallbladder wasn’t working properly, nor was my lower intestine which she massaged. My kidneys needed more water to flush them out, she massaged my lymph glands, woke my hormones up, found that I carry my stress in my stomach and after an hour and a half I left!

I felt very light headed that night and drank a lot of water to flush out the toxins that she moved around my body. The following day I was really really hungry! I have continued to drink, (one of my problems, I just don’t drink enough water, I drink a lot of green tea but not water!) I am waiting for my homoeopathic treatments to arrive and am looking forward to the next stage.

If you’re interested in Kinesiology, I visited Claire Churchill for my session.

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