Jennifer Aniston’s Top Anti-Ageing Tips

Jennifer Aniston is well-known for her ever-youthful complexion, recently named as ‘The Most Beautiful Woman Alive’ by People Magazine at the age of 47.

So how does she do it and what products does she use? We tried to shed a little light on this and had a look at Aniston’s top recommendations. She is a brand ambassador for Aveeno, one of the reasons why Aveeno products feature regularly.

But are they any good? We had a detailed look to see how these products stack up.

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

Aniston explains she has been using Aveeno’s moisturiser for years, helping to keep her skin feeling soft throughout the day. Formed with naturally active colloidal oatmeal (a powerful moisturiser) with the protein in oats aiding the protective barrier of the skin. A fair amount of glycerin features too, which works to reverse ageing by providing moisture to the skin.

The reviews for the product are all stellar, not to mention abundant! Customers boast how soft and smooth their skin feels after use. All reinforcing the glowing Aveeno advert featuring Aniston from June 2015 – which has now amassed over 5 million views!

Aniston explains in the ad, the healthy mix of vitamins, antioxidants, lipids, glycerin and colloidal oat all contribute towards healthier looking skin. This product really is a good one and great value too!

2. Aveeno Brightening Daily Scrub

Aniston also recommends the skin brightening daily scrub from Aveeno. This one’s difficult to find in the UK, the reason likely lying with the controversy of microbeads and the pending ban towards them. A shame, as if the scrub incorporated a natural exfoliant it would have been very commendable.

The scrub does contain soy extract and glycerin, both great for a radiant complexion and smoother skin, however, we suggest going with an all-natural product, using shells or seeds as an exfoliant rather than microbeads.

What we suggest:  Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator £30.00

An award winning exfoliator with  jojoba beads rose extract and cucumber extract. The formula delivers a gentle exfoliation without damaging skin.

3. Living Proof Blow Out Styling & Finishing Spray

Hairdressers across the country are asked on daily basis to replicate Aniston’s amazing hair which frames her face with a shine. The product behind this is, Living Proof’s blowout styling and finishing spray. Taking the stress out of your morning routine by speeding up drying time and allowing hair to be more easily styled. The spray offers heat protection of up to 450 degrees and UV protection which protects hair from the colour-fading rays of the sun.

Reviews are a mixed bag for this one, customers either love it or hate it. A common comment is that the spray makes hair LESS manageable, which is understandable due to the thick and sticky texture. The majority of poor reviews are from people with frizzy, wavy and dry hair, which is odd considering Aniston has naturally wavy hair herself. To be safe it’s best to get a tester first.

Living proof do deliver with their timeless pre shampoo treatment. The shampoo combats signs of ageing while improving and preserving hair colour. It reduces breakage, maintains hair density and is described as ‘ the retinol for your hair’ using colour seal technology to ensure hair stays vibrant.

The Bottom Line

Aniston’s product choices are adding to her radiant appeal, but it brings us to the conclusion that everyone has their own secrets to anti-ageing. Aniston is a big advocate for a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, a balanced diet with plenty of water. These are some of the best things you can do for healthy hair and skin. The right products have an effect too, but the greatest effects come when they are used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, which is exactly what Aniston suggests.


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