‘I am done dating; I have had it with dating‘ – Sharon Stone

When two strong, sexy and amazing women like Sharon Stone and Drew Barrymore get together, we listen. And we loved this interview on the Drew Barrymore show, because in it they talk about how they are both off dating. Well if they are off dating what hope is there for us, as one someone commented on Instagram.

And to be honest we could really relate to the being single and ditching the dating sentiments Sharon shared. Here’s why its something that many women are doing  and why Sharon says she’s off dating:

  • People are insincere – “I just find people to be insincere and not worth my time”
  • It’s important to enjoy time alone – “I enjoy time with my kids and friends more”
  • We get past the age of game playing –  “I don’t want any game playing”
  • Emotional maturity -“When it comes to emotional maturity in relationships men and women are in different spots”
  • Changing power roles – “There are certain fears that boys and men have today and certain misunderstanding about power. What it means to be powerful…the ideas that men passed on about what it means to be powerful and successful may not be wholly correct and might not benefit them…even in relationship to each other so that they can be more successful in their future. “

On Getting Older at 62 

“As we grew older we have to negotiate with mother nature, as we get older there are things we have to do and not do to our bodies. As we get older, we have think about how we want to get older.

I thought I want to get older like a dancer, I am thoughtful about what I put in body and what I do to my body, so I get to keep it ”

I just love the authenticity of two empowered chatting together about getting older and how happy they are being single and living on their own terms!


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