Felicity Kendal: Still Living the Good Life at 73

The gorgeous Felicity Kendal is still looking fresh faced and gorgeous, just like she was when she caught our attention in the ‘Good Life’ in 1975-1978. 45 years later you can watch this on Britbox. Starring Felicity Kendal, Richard Briers, Penelope Keith and Paul Eddington it’s still as funny, relevant and uplifting as ever. The show follows Kendal and Briars as they start a new life and escape the rat race by becoming totally self-sufficient in their Surbiton home.

It is hardly surprising that Covid 19 has reinvigorated the relevance of the show with a new level of uncertainty that we last felt in the 70s when we had the miners strike and oil crisis.  The pandemic has caused a spike in people wanting homes with a garden and close to family, as the need to be close to work gets less.  More of us are realising the joy of experiencing fresh air and living a simpler life outdoors. This is just what we all need now. With working from home becoming the norm we could all be growing our own veg soon and living the good life!

Felicity’s Top Tips for Living the Good Life

  • She has a bit of botox, a little bit and very rarely, and always by an expert
  • Weights are really important as you get older, as your bones get creaky and crumbly
  • Stretching, Walking and Yoga – all can be done outside and you dont need to go to the gym.

Our Tips for the Good Life

  • Enjoy a slower life – one of the good things about pandemic is it taught to slow down, less commuting – and more time at home.
  • Appreciate simple pleasures, being in the garden and a daily walk.
  • Nurture relationships – share time with those you love and cherish these relationships
  • Be self sufficient – start a veg patch and get growing
  • Learn new things – opportunity to learn new skills , explore new things
  • Read more – immerse yourself in a good book
  • Exercise and keep active
  • Help others – do something for the community or for a neighbour
  • Clear up – something satisfying of having a clear out

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