Jennifer Lopez and Shakira: An Empowering Super Bowl Half Time Show!

For Americans, Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest sporting event of the year, where two American Football teams go head to head to be the Super Bowl champion. For those of us who aren’t as interested in American Football, the Super Bowl Halftime show is the real event to watch!

Over the years, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars amongst many others have put on a big show, and at times it has been the bigger news story than the football – anyone else remember the infamous #nipplegate with Janet Jackson?

This year, it was Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s turn to entertain the crowds and millions watching at home. They performed 20 songs in just 12 minutes, both separately and together. They didn’t just sing, but they belly dances, crowd surfed, performed knee slides, pole danced and even played the drums. It was a vibrant spectacle, with amazing dancing, brilliant songs and fantastic outfits!

Of course, it wouldn’t be the super bowl halftime show without some controversy! Critics thought it was too raunchy for a family show. The more conservative viewers didn’t like the twerking, outfits and tongue-wagging. Piers Morgan claimed it was inappropriate and showed far too much bottom! Others countered that it was empowering!

What we saw was two midlife woman celebrating their bodies, culture and diversity! Shakira was celebrating her 43rd birthday, and Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 50th last year. They’re living out their dreams and proving that midlife isn’t a time to blend into the background! Its inspiring for all of us. Its also refreshing to see woman work hard and get ahead in a male dominated field.

They also didn’t just make a statement about female empowerment. They used their platform to celebrate their culture and diversity, in a time where people from different cultures in America are being treated as less than. J. Lo’s daughter came on stage to sing Born in the USA whilst J.Lo donned the Puerto Rican flag. Shakira waggled her tongue and trilled at the camera, a move that some people mocked without realizing her father is Lebanese and she was performing a traditional Arabic vocal celebration known as the zaghrouta.

Seeing two middle-aged Latina women in skimpy outfits, flaunting their body and their culture, is bound to rub some people up the wrong way – it doesn’t align with our society’s idea of what 40-50 women should be wearing and doing. However, we thought it was an empowering show, and a reminder than women can’t be help back, whatever their age.

Watch the show and let us know what you think!


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