The Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Make Up Bag

I can’t help but hoard my favourite beauty bits throughout the year. I love keeping the freebies that come with every purchase, and I over stuff my makeup bag with my favourite mascaras I’ve had for years and powders that I hit the pan on months ago. It was about time to give my make up bag a spring clean!

This may sound familiar, and now you may be looking over at your own make up bag guiltily, thinking its time to give yours a refresh…

This Spring, take action on your expiring products, and de-clutter your make up bag. Follow our suggested guidelines for the lifetime of your products and give your make-up bag a refresh, by binning any that have over stayed their shelf life!

Make-up Sponge

image of a makeup sponge and concealer with a timeline for the expiration date of make up sponges

Replacing your make-up sponge every month may seem unrealistic, so you can push its shelf life to last up to 2 months by making sure you clean it properly! Using a brush/sponge cleanser, dampen your sponge and massage the cleanser in, once the sponge appears to be clean, rinse it and let it dry.


image of foundation and some product with a timeline for the expiration date of liquid foundation

If you have been hoarding your favourite foundation samples in the bottom of your make up bag for the last year, its time to throw them out! Liquid and cream foundations contain more water, which helps bacteria grow quicker than powders. To help your foundation last for the maximum 12 months, avoid dipping fingers directly in the product and use clean brushes!


image of a concealer stick with a timeline for the expiration date of concealer

Similarly to foundation, cream concealers can build up bacteria quicker than a powder. If your concealer dries out, becomes cakey, or develops a new scent- its time to replace it… even if it didn’t last the full year.

Powder, Blusher & Eyeshadow

image of a makeup powder pot with a timeline for the expiration date of power makeup i.e. eyeshadow, foundation and blush

Powder products are durable! If yours is only 6 months old, rather than throwing it out and replacing it, try to lightly clean the top layer, weekly! Make sure the lids of your powder products still fit on tightly, so it isn’t exposed to air; replace any that have a broken lid.


image of a mascara and mascara wand with a timeline for the expiration date of mascara

Don’t put your eyes at risk with an old mascara wand. Even if it’s your all time favourite mascara and you just can’t bring yourself to throw it away- it can easily transfer bacteria! Some easy rules to follow: don’t pump air into the tube, if it dries up throw it out, and don’t share it with anyone!

Eye & Lip liner

image of a lip liner and pencil with a timeline for the expiration date of lip and eye pencil liners

Your favourite pencil liners are safe to stay in your make up bag for up to a year. You could even push that by keeping them regularly sharpened and ensure the lid is on firmly after use!


image of a red lipstick with a timeline for the expiration date of lipstick

If you take care of your lipsticks, always replace the lid and clean them with a make up wipe occasionally, they can have up to a 2-year shelf life. However, it might be time to treat yourself to a new favourite if it has been hanging about in the bottom of your make-up bad lidless for the last few months, or has been shared around your friends on evenings out!

Lip gloss

image of a pink lipgloss with a timeline for the expiration date of lipgloss

I’m sure many of us have last summers’ go-to lip gloss still sitting in our make up bag waiting to make an appearance this year, but don’t hold on too long! Lip gloss can develop bacteria from too much air exposure. So, try not to pump your brush during application to help it last the full year.

Lip Balm

image of a lipbalm with a timeline for the expiration date of lipbalm

The shelf life of a lip balm will depend on the type you use. If you are dipping your fingers into a pot it will last closer to 6 months. However, a tube of lip balm can last up to a year if you look after it in the same way you take care of your lipstick.

Holding on to expired products can cause damage to your skin, so avoid using anything past it’s best. You can also keep your applicators clean with brush cleanser, to prevent bacteria building up in your products!

Why not show off your newly refreshed make up bag? Instagram or Tweet us your pictures, or connect with our community on our forum to find out what other products you should be throwing out this Spring.     



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