The Surprising Results Of An Eyelash Perm

I wear mascara most days, but when I go out I like to do that little bit extra and make my eyes up to look good, so I normally opt for DIY false eyelashes, normally not particularly well!

I opt for lash extensions if i have the time (this is a lengthy process) and money. But while I enjoyed the look they created, I then need to spend the next two weeks meticulously maintaining them. Using a particular non-oil based eye make-up remover to prevent the glue from coming undone and making sure shampoo and conditioner doesn’t drip onto them.

Having done the odd perm over the years I thought how on earth can you get a roller in eyelashes? Perm solution near my eyes was another worrying factor and also I am a sucker for the wow!

Looks-wise I thought  simply a perm wouldn’t achieve anywhere near the length I wanted. So I talked to my lovely eye technician (Kelly) who took made an encouraging case for the treatment, so I decided to book an appointment- I thought, why not?

I went along, still a little skeptical and Kelly, as normal made me feel totally at ease, I lay down on the beauty couch and she explained the process, my hair was pinned out of my eyes and she took a ‘before’ photo, I thought to myself – well we won’t be seeing much difference in that!

Kelly then applied a collagen eye pad on my under eyes, explaining that for an hour, I would benefit from collagen being absorbed into my skin. If nothing else that was amazing in itself!

The painless process began, my upper eyelashes were stuck onto a strip and perm solution applied, a timer was set and then the perm solution gently removed and neutraliser applied, sealing the perm in. My eyelashes were then tinted, Kelly removed the collagen strips and the unveiling was imminent! My sceptical side wasn’t expecting much – WOW!!!!!

I had to ask – are they REALLY my lashes? Oh my goodness! I was so so happy and surprised. This is apparently going to last me for 4-8 weeks with little maintenance required. Only the odd brush and no mascara needed. When I arrived home my daughter said, “mum, your false eyelashes look great” – she was surprised when I (proudly) announced “these are mine!”.

I WILL BE BACK!! Thank You!



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