Embracing the Midlife Bald Look

Baldness is a the considerable fears and taboos for men. As we grow older the reality is that most of us (up to three-fourths as some studies suggest) will experience some degree of hair loss. It’s a cruel fact of nature that can have a debilitating effect on the psychological aspect of a man. But why does it have to be a social death sentence? Lee from The Hair Central wants to challenge this archaic notion that a hairy scalp is a necessary requirement for masculinity and virility.

Benefits Of Baldness

First, let’s talk about the benefits of going completely bald. The big one is that it is by far the best way to hide male pattern baldness. Think about it – what’s more believable? A combover or a cleanly shaven scalp? Even hair transplants can be spotted from a mile away despite the gigantic leaps the technology has taken over the years. Shaving your head sends people the message that you have embraced your baldness, that you can take it like a man. It shows people that you are confident in your own skin no matter what. If you need more proof, just look at some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, especially the middle-aged ones. Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, Ed Harris, Jason Statham, John Malkovich, Billy Zane… The list goes on. Regardless of whether you think they look good physically, no one can deny the fact that they exude a kind of self-confidence that only a few men have.

The second benefit has more to do with time. When you take the plunge and shave your head clean, you don’t have to spend endless amounts of time grooming your hair, trying to make it look perfect from every angle. You’re literally in and out of the shower in a jiffy and your scalp is dry in a matter of minutes. Now you have more time to do something truly manly like chop down a tree or play a game on your phone that involves chopping down trees.

This may come as a surprise but shaving your head clean makes you look younger. And when you think about it, it couldn’t be more obvious – if you’re a middle-aged man, then you probably have a lot of gray hair. By simple logic, shaving off that which makes you look older will make you look younger! This is especially true for those who have grey hair that is also thinning. Somewhat related to this is the lack of bad hair days. Again, what better way to get rid of bad hair days than to get rid of the hair itself?

The Best Razors To Choose

Now that we’ve talked about the benefits of going bald, let’s go about choosing special razors to shave your head. For the most part, normal razors that are meant for the face work fine on the scalp as well, just as long as you trim your hair down to a stubble. Even a standard Gillette cartridge razor can do a thorough job. But there are razors on the market that are designed to specifically handle the contours of the scalp. Most notable among these is the HeadBlade ATX All-Terrain Head Razor. This razor stands out from the rest because of its funky design. The handle is in the shape of an all-terrain vehicle, but it is not just about a gimmick. It is designed in such a way that all you have to do is roll the wheels along your scalp, and the razor will follow the curves of your scalp to give you the closest possible shave. With a traditional razor, you have to constantly adjust your angle to make sure you are getting every hair.

Safety razors are another good option for shaving your head. Brands like Merkur, Edwin Jagger and Baxter of California come to mind as the best safety razors on the market today, with Merkur being the most popular. Safety razors are known for being able to shave very close to the skin, much more so than cartridge razors, but the drawback is that it takes a lot of practice in order to get the hang of them. First-timers often come away from their first few shaves with several nicks and cuts but once you get enough practice, it is hard to go back to using a cartridge razor.

The third option is the standard cartridge razor like Gillette’s famous Mach 3. It is the first three-blade disposable cartridge razor and is still the number one razor in the world. It may not provide the extra closeness that the razors we talked about above do, but it provides a close enough shave, in that it does not leave behind patches of stubble that can be seen from a mile away. The bottom line is that it does the job with the least amount of effort and time on your part.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal preference. There are those that like the ingenuity of the HeadBlade ATX All-Terrain Razor, there are those that like the closeness that safety razors like the Merkur are capable of, and there are those that like to keep their grooming routines simple by sticking with their good old Gillette Mach 3.

Whatever method you choose will ultimately liberate you from the unnecessary misery of losing your hair. If you make the choice to get rid of it, you will find a new breath of life in your new found freedom from a social norm that is anyway dying out quite quickly. If you are still in doubt, get yourself a bunch of Bruce Willis movies and learn that bald is the new black!

By Lee Walkers

FB: fb.me/thehaircentral 

Twitter: @TheHairCentral


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