Over 40s Prove ‘Acting Your Age’ Is A Load Of Rubbish!

There’s really no age limit to anything we do. ‘Live life and forget your age’ is the new midster mantra. So we were shocked yesterday to see The Times suggested the maximum clubbing age is 37, going to festivals is 50 and wearing shorts is 40 (which is completely absurd!).

Glastonbury of 2017, for instance, was considered one of the most successful to date, with over 40s at the forefront of it.

Your tastes, preferences and attitude evolve as you grow older, but you are still the same person inside, some of us will always remain the #agelessrebel.  What you can and can’t do isn’t dictated by the number of years you’ve lived.

Here’s our favourite over 40s which prove that acting your age is a load of rubbish!

1. Jo Whiley

We’ve got 51-year-old Jo Whiley fronting the coverage of Glasto, something she has done for over two decades. She continues to bring an aura of energy and charisma which shows no signs of stopping.

It’s never too late to join the swampy grounds of inebriated crowds, giddy in the euphoric atmosphere as our favourite artists perform. Festivals are gaining an older clientele and are a hit with the over 40s!

2. Fatboy Slim

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Aka Norman Cook, the internationally renowned DJ who continues to provide big beats to the masses at 54-years-old. A pioneer of EDM with a massive appeal to younger and older generations alike.

He’s a self-confessed party animal and show’s there’s nothing wrong with hitting the clubs post-30.

The Over 40s Clubbing Scene…

Thank you for last night @guydangelo you were fucking awesome😉😘‼️💥

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We understand as seasoned partiers who are well accustomed to the clubbing scene that dancing amongst drunken teens still getting to grips with their limits is a big put-off.

But us midsters have not stopped dancing yet, and love to party the night away. London on a Saturday night is filled with the the over 40 and over 50s. And there’s plenty of choice for midsters, there are directories dedicated to locating these events. Popular venues include Café de Paris, Ronnie Scotts, the Roof Gardens and for the more adventurous the Torture Gardens.

3. @IconAccidental

Our style is something that’s ever-changing and evolving and something that’s never constant. It’s an utter misconception that style goes out the window at a certain age.

Style icons including IconAccidental, Sara Jane Adams, Journeyofastylist, Paulalovestosew and many more are expressing their creativity and eternal style on Instagram.

4. Linda Rodin

Red Hedy

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Although over 50s have become a formidable force when it comes to start-ups there’s still a misconception suggesting ambition is only present in the young and we slow down after a certain age.

Linda Rodin, a 60-something who was formerly a stylist that started developing fragrances and cosmetics in her apartment in 2007. After promising growth and a lot of hard work, in 2015 Rodin sells her company to Estee Lauder and continues to work in her company, now with a much larger team.

The over 50s spending power alone drives more economic and job growth than any other age group. The demographic are ambitious, hard working and adventurous, taking on new ventures in unfamiliar industries.

The Over 40s Singles scene

An image of two over 40s clinking wine glasses.

Although the Times seen to think that your love life should be all serious as midster and state Having one-night stands ‘Age limit: 26’, using Tinder ‘age limit: 30’, we are happy that love is not in short supply with over 40/50s singles scene buzzing on and off tinder. With many finding fun, love and passion in lots of  unusual places.

One of the many virtues with age is that worrying about judgements or caring what other people think tends to wither away as we gain a confidence towards ourselves and who we are.

These inspirational midsters prove that ‘acting your age’ means absolutely nothing!

Featured image credits: Linda Rodin, Iconaccidental, Fatboy Slim, Jo Whiley, Instagram

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