5 Unusual Jobs Over 50s Pursue To Spice Up Life

Featured image credit: Sandra Lamorgese, Sara Jane Adams, Instagram, Istock.

By the time we reach mid life many of us have been doing the same type of job for decades and feel the need to re-energise our working day. We may be content with our position and we like the social and mental engagement we get from a job. But it often begins to feel like ‘Groundhog Day’, sparking more and more over 50s to take on something new.

Taking on a new type of job is also great for keeping us mentally and physically sharp as new studies show that early retirement can cause dementia and being active is one of the leading ways of living longer.

You just have to tune into programmes like ‘First Dates’ to hear about the adventurous new careers and job many of us are taking on as they grow older, opting for something completely different and taking on new challenges, which is all part of the fun!

1. Dominatrix

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, a dominatrix is a fulfilling and empowering career change! 55 -year-old Sandra Lamorgese, once a holistic practitioner who became a dominatrix after losing her practice explains to the Huffington Post,

“I somehow understood that it would set me free from my own limited perceptions of how women should behave.”

2. Mystery shopper

An image of a middle aged man shopping.

Get paid to shop and eat out! You don’t need any formal qualifications, it’s very flexible and suitable to do alongside other commitments.

Join the 500,000 registered mystery shoppers in the UK. Shoppers visit up to 10 stores per day and petrol, car depreciation and hotels are all paid for. They’re reimbursed for the money they spend at each store and get to keep the products. Sounds like a great deal for a side job!

50-year-old Laura explains to the Telegraph, “I’m always given a scenario, such as buying something from a specific department or a new product range, but within that framework, I can often buy whatever I want – and keep it.”

3. Food testing

An image of a middle aged woman warming up her palette before testing food.

There’s lots of benefits to being a food tester, with the salary ranging towards £75k annually. Since taste buds are easily fatigued many tasters opt to work a few hours a day and only once or twice a week, making it ideal for part time work.

Veterans of the industry include master taster, John Harrison who’s been sampling ice cream for 30 years and tested a whopping 200 gallons of ice cream!

4. Social media icon

Express your style and creativity through Instagram, a medium which has no age or cultural boundaries. Like the inspiring ‘Grey Fox’ David Evans, sharing stylish tips for men and Sarah Jane Adams who’s gained 150k followers.

Building a loyal fan base takes dedication and creativity, but with a loyal fan base making money through brand deals, blogging and other sponsored content is lucrative. Plus you can work hours that suit you!

5. The ageless entrepreneur

An image of a middle aged business start-up owner working.

The ‘olderpreneur’ is breaking down the youthful start-up stereotype.  A recent FT article highlights how age discrimination does not exist when you are your own boss, which is fueling the baby boomers to embark on a second career, doing something new that they have always dreamed of.

For instance, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings states, “I started Netflix DVD rental when I was 37… and first streaming when I was 47… so maybe not too bad after 35 except that all-nighters are definitely harder.”

Netflix joins the likes of McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken which where all established by entrepreneurs over 50.

The number of self-employed people over 65 has more than doubled in the past five years, with many midsters choosing to take on entrepreneurial pursuits past retirement.

With a wealth of professional experience to draw back on, you’re well networked, wise and a master of your respective industry by the time you reach retirement age, making now a better time than ever to start your own business.

Age shouldn’t be a barrier when considering a career change and there’s nothing wrong with going for something adventurous which you’ve always dreamed of. This is what life aged 50 and beyond is about, new experiences, adventures and fun!


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