The Most Effective Ways To Treat Hair Loss For Men

“Thick hair has always been associated with youth and masculinity,” remarks Albert Mannes, Ph.D., a University of Pennsylvania. Hair loss affects over half of men aged 50 but is there really any way to treat it?

The majority of advice involves lifestyle changes; quitting smoking, exercising more, reducing alcohol consumption and avoiding stress. But for the sceptics out there it’s hard to believe this alone will have a noticeable effect on their hairline.

These changes will provide the optimal environment to prevent decline and encourage growth hair loss is largely predetermined, etched into your genes and unavoidable.

This condition known as alopecia or male pattern baldness and whereas it’s ultimately inevitable, there are ways to slow down the process and give your hair a nourished and thicker appearance.

Stay observant and treat it as soon as you notice the signs.

1. Hair Loss Drug Treatments –  Finasteride (Propecia) & Minoxidil (Regaine)

Both drugs are scientifically proven to stall hair decline and even restore growth. They are FDA approved with studies showing over 80% of men reporting a maintained or increased hair count.

2. Swap Your Shampoo

Find a thickening shampoo, the effects are only temporary but with regular use, it can make hair look fuller.

Sachajuan recently won best new shampoo GQ Grooming Awards 2017 for their thickening shampoo. It’s packed with the necessary nutrients to promote healthy growth, making hair appear thicker and nourished. £20 for 250ml


Add a thickening tonic – Spritz’s thickening tonic into wet or dry hair and you’ll achieve a softer more fuller looking hair. The tonic’s ingredients are predicated on cashmere, a well-known volume-adding ingredient. £11.50 for 150ml

3. Hair Transplant

An option for the more moderate signs of thinning, working by extracting hairs from your lower head and grafting them into your scalp, the procedure lasts around 8 hours, where thousands of hairs are relocated. Surgery starts from around £4,000.

Celebrity Hair Transplants: Wayne Rooney and Louis Walsh are amongst the many celebs who have had the procedure.

The Bottom Line

Male pattern baldness induces low-self esteem, insecurity, anxiety and depression. It’s a distressing experience with studies showing hair loss as a trigger for psychological breakdown. Hair loss is a serious condition that can have serious implications on your mental health, it’s always helpful to put matters into perspective and come to terms it. Treatment is a viable method to stall the process but the reality is that the fate of your hair is dictated by your genes.


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