Do Facial Exercises For Jowls Actually Work?

A Treatment For Jowls?

Everyone wants a well-defined jawline but age will rob us of this feature, as the elastin and collagen structures responsible for our skin’s firmness begin to decline, the persistent force of gravity shows on our cheeks which sags, obscuring jaw definition.

With ‘do jowl exercises work’ as one of the most searched topics surrounding the subject we thought we’d try to give a more definitive answer on the subject. Is it really possible to cheat the signs of ageing with just our fingertips?

Our Verdict

There is a large amount of controversy towards the effectiveness of facial exercises. The main reason for this being there is no scientific study to back it up. Facial exercises without a doubt strengthen the facial muscles, but it doesn’t tighten the skin itself. Many dermatologists claim it’s useless. The fact that we unconsciously move our facial muscles thousands of times a day, it’s doubtful that adding a series of more facial movements (some of which resemble a strenuous smile) will have a noticeable effect.

That niggle of belief that facial exercises have any effect whatsoever arises from various forums where amongst the majority of skeptics are a notable amount of people boasting about the wonders a few jowl exercises have done in redefining their jawline. But the overwhelming consensus between professionals is that they do not work, which is a better indicator.

What Should I Do?

Experts suggest facial fillers as the best treatment for jowls if you want to avoid surgery. Or a small tuck up procedure being the surgical option, lifting the sagging skin from your jowls, bringing back those plump cheeks and accentuating your jawline.


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