Midlife Dating: Is Age Just A Number?

Why More Women Are Dating Younger Men

The media and statistics are showing a new trend that we love – older women are increasingly dating younger men! And why not, they have no baggage, are more spontaneous and have more energy in bed!

Celebrities Are Setting The Trend!

Madonna has spoken about her relationship with younger men, saying that its an inevitable part of dating in midlife.

“It’s just what happens. Most men of my age are married with children. They’re not dateable.”

Proudly breaking down stereotypes, celebrities are pushing aside the derogatory ‘cougar’ label and dating younger men on their own terms. More and more women in every walk of life, from Hollywood to our Rejuvage office, are proving where dating is concerned, age is just a number.

Jack Whitehall, aged 30, was caught kissing Kate Beckinsale, aged 45, with the two now rumoured to be in a relationship.

Retired teacher Brigitte Macron first met French President Emmanuel Macron when he was a teenage pupil in her drama class. Despite the 24 year age gap, they ended up pursuing a passionate affair and she left her first husband.

The Kardashian Family seem to be happy to date younger men, with a 25 year age gap between the Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble, and a 14 year age gap between Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima.

Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson met when she directed his debut film, with a 24 year age gap between them.  They are now married with children.

Courtney Cox is 13 years older than her fiance, Snow Patrol lead singer Johnny Mcdaid.

The power of the younger man?

When dating a younger man the dynamics change. When you are older you know what you want in and out of bed. Many of my friends love the libido of the younger man and feel more comfortable with them. Fall in love with someone for how they make you feel not conventional pressures. Men of their own age are usually married or come with their own share of baggage which is not necessarily an attractive pull!

The dating facts

In Western countries around 8% of heterosexual married couples have large age gaps of around ten years or more, normally with the man being with a younger woman. In fact, there is only 1% of them being an older woman with a younger man. This does mean that the majority of the Western world is with a partner of a similar age.

Men tend to prefer the company of younger women whilst women prefer older men! Why? The theory behind this is simple, women believe that older men have greater resources and men prefer the youthfulness of a younger woman! Although with women now holding down higher paid status jobs their need for someone with greater resources is lessening and the need for fun and good times has taken over.

Shallowness aside, these findings do have elements of truth in them! Although sadly women dating younger men get called ‘cougar’ whilst men get a nudge and a wink!

Women in power

There is a belief that older women dating younger men get a feeling of empowerment. They normally have more relationship experience than a younger man and feel they have more control.   As long she is easy going and ‘fun’ and not a ‘moaner’ then he is normally happy for her to be in command.

Feeling young again!

Normally following on from home life responsibilities, children, marriage etc. and suddenly being burden free, there is an ‘alive’ feeling of youth which is an attractive quality that men will be drawn to. Once the interest is shown then the need to possibly dress in a younger way, style your hair differently wear different makeup may emerge.

Sex with a younger man

An older woman may feel slightly insecure about her body initially but once the insecurities are overcome and the confidence grows it’s a recipe for great times. As an older woman you probably know what you like and what you don’t and teaching a younger man, with possibly more stamina than an older guy, what to do and how to turn you on will be enjoyable!


Although women are normally more romantic than men, as we age the ability to take things at face value is stronger than ever, hence entering into casual relationships with younger men – the need to say the ‘L’ word isn’t required!

When it comes to relationships, happiness should rule over anything. Material wealth isn’t enough to make you happy. I have always found that laughter is the key and as long as you continue to make each other laugh nothing else matters!

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