Our Lockdown Secret Crushes Are Good for Us – It’s a Fact!

Anyone else watched Bridgerton and developed a (not so) secret crush? Based on how many of my friends are gushing over The Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page), this new secret crush is adding a bit of much needed distraction to lockdown.

A crush is a welcome relief from the seriousness and worry of life today. Crushes are rooted in fantasy and a great escape from the reality of social distancing. There is something comforting about not knowing the reality about someone, not knowing they leave their socks on the floor or snore or never do the washing up. Crushes help us feel alive and give us the hormone highs of love without having to spend 24 hours a day locked up with them.

Professors of neuroscience at The University of Chicago found that crushes stimulate the production of dopamine and oxytocin giving us a burst of mood boosting  hormones. These higher levels of hormones help to reduce anxiety. You can even get a physical reaction when you look or think about your crush just like when you look a lover.

What is a Secret Crush?

A secret crush is someone you have seen once or a few times that grabs your interest and made a glowing impression on you so you think about them and want to see them again. A crush often happens subconsciously, maybe after a few episodes of a box set and is a bit of light fun. Sometimes it’s based on your things you like, past experiences and how you see yourself.

Crushes are Good for You

The good news crushes are good for you, especially in this crazy world we live in now.

  • They are a distraction from all the bad news
  • They can reduce anxiety and stress
  • They make you feel alive and vibrant
  • They fill us with happy hormones
  • They stop us filling lonely
  • They can invigorate you
  • They can give your relationship a boost
  • They highlight things you find attractive

Who is Your Crush?

Crushes come in all ages, shapes and sizes – the more diverse the more attractive they seem to be. Those topping the secret crush chart hosted by Heat Magazine might surprise you! Piers Morgan has won it for the past to years, and this year the nominations include Bill Bailey and Rushi Sunak.

So do not be shy, its ok to admit to your secret crush especially after everything else we have been through – we all need a bit of fun and fantasy in our lives.  And being a bit unconventional is just what we need right out with all these other lockdown rules.



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