The Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Products

Your teeth age too, as you get older your enamel thins allowing the yellowy-grey dentins to show through.  A bright smile can make you look years younger, studies showing that a brighter smile has significant effects on the perception of age.

Oral-B Pro 650 Black Cross Action Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro 650 Black Cross Action Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush £24.00

Ensure you’re cleaning your teeth effectively for better results. You can get great results from a manual toothbrush but electric toothbrushes are the best at powerfully cleaning teeth and stimulating the gums. The Oral B Pro 650 is a consumer loved classic with a built-in timer included!

Make sure you’re not stripping your enamel when you brush. Be soft, it’s recommended to use the same kind of pressure as if you were brushing an eyelash. You’re not scouring … be gentle and ensure you’re toothbrush head is soft.

Lovely Smile | 28 Teeth Whitening Strips

Lovely Smile | 28 Teeth Whitening Strips £14.99

An enamel safe whitening product which reports noticeably whiter teeth after a single use. Leave on for 60 minutes and let the formula work away at stains and gives you a whiter look without damage the gums or enamel.

Beverly Hills Formula White Black Perfect Toothpaste £9.16

A low abrasion formula safe for daily use. The main ingredient is charcoal, one of the most effective and safest teeth whitening ingredients.

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Dental Floss Picks £6.99

Taking the fuss out of flossing with easy to use floss picks. Flossing decreases the risk of cavities, gingivitis, tooth decay and gum disease. Essential for healthy teeth, an effective way of removing plaque.

As pointed out by the BBC, recent studies explain the results are unproven but conclude that it’s undeniably good for you, a low-cost, low-risk method of cleaning between the teeth.

A study was carried out on thousands of brits showing a model with discoloured teeth and again with white teeth.  The model on average was estimated to be 13 whole years older with a yellowish smile! It’s a simple fix that can go a long way.


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