Beauty Pie: Is Marcia Kilgore Revolutionising The Beauty Industry?

Buy All Your Makeup Without The Markup

Marcia Kilgore (founder of Bliss Spa and FlitFlop) has launched a website called Beauty Pie. The site sells cosmetic products at factory prices, which is shaking up the beauty industry where markups, according to Kilgore when talking to the Evening Standard, are, “10 times, sometimes 20 times higher than cost” and skincare is “as much as 300 times.”

The website is essentially cutting out the middlemen responsible for these large markups. They only charge the true factory cost, which is a fraction of the competitive market price.

3,000 subscribers have already signed up to the new site, which charges £10 a month to join. The website shows two prices below products, one is the regular price and the other is the member’s price. This means you can buy say, a £17 eyeliner for just £2.41! This is thanks to their policy of selling straight from the supplier without any additional mark-ups.

Beauty Pie even breaks down exactly how the cost is determined, including what is spent on products, packaging, warehousing, safety and testing.

Kilgore explains, “I’m making the market fairer for women”. By keeping pricing transparent, customers know exactly what they’re paying for and no longer have to deal with the high markups of traditional sellers.

Beauty Pie offers an alternative that has the potential to revolutionise the beauty industry. Providing affordable makeup without compromising quality to the masses, no longer are factory prices exclusive to the middlemen.


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