Ageless Beauty: The Good And The Bad Of The No Make-Up Look

Surprisingly, younger women nowadays seem to be going crazy for slapping all sorts of chemicals onto their faces and getting cosmetic treatments done compared with the older generation of the over 50’s. But is this really what make-up and beauty are all about?

There have been many studies regarding the link between make-up use and confidence and they have found a positive correlation between frequent use of cosmetics with anxiety, self-consciousness and conformity, as you would expect. The study concludes: “Women who reported wearing makeup less frequently tended to have higher social confidence, emotional stability and self-esteem.”

It’s common that women over 50 have a more selective approach when make-up and beauty are concerned as the question comes back to “how much is too much?“. In this article, we will be outlining 6 tips to help guide you in your beauty routine, which are all very simple and concentrate on the idea that beauty comes from the inside–out, so it’ll work for the minimalists out there too!

1. Less is more

As you reach midlife, you become more body confident, you know what you want, you understand your body and learn to accept yourself as an older woman. If you’re confident with your appearance, your face will reflect this. A beaming smile and positive energy is an everyone, plus it makes you appear more affable and people will become more receptive towards you!

2. Look after your hands

Don’t neglect your hands! Hands are often labelled the body part which reveals our age first, look after them, use a moisturising hand cream and manicure your nails occasionally.

 3. Keep your skin hydrated

Try a day serum, to keep your skin supple and complexion glowing, while protecting it from pollutants.

4. If you prefer to wear make – up, stay minimal

Try our natural look for midsters by makeup artist, Lizze Court.

5. Exercise more

 We all know how keeping fit and healthy is important to prevent weight gain, especially when we reach midlife, keeping the weight off tends to be more difficult compared to when you were 20. Staying in shape is of course reflected in our face. Extra weight will conceal your jawline and definition in your face, which can make you look older.

Have a look through our exercise archives for tips and tricks to stay in shape!

6. Ditch processed foods

What you eat is incredibly important for your skin’s health, a diet rich in nutrients through lots of fruit and veg will give your skin a healthy and natural glow. See our top foods for healthy skin for more.

Found this intriguing to try the no make up look? Then please let us know your thoughts on this topic.

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