‘Anti-Ageing’: How Much Is Too Much?

By Tracey Leslie

I agree none of us wants to age, but obviously, it is inevitable, but it’s how we age that I think is important. We all still feel young, I know I do! Then I catch a glimpse in the mirror and the truth is unveiled!! But is it not best to buy some decent face cream, look after yourself, dress well, eat well, get your hair done, exercise well and keep your mind as active as possible?

Obviously not!! As we have become the age of Botox, fillers, thread non-surgical facelifts, hair extensions, eyelash extension, brow tattoo’s, false nails, hair extensions, the list is endless……. not to mention the obsession with the Kardashian ‘bum lifts’, boob implants, liposuction, veneers the list is endless! And what are we creating! Old people with young body parts! What happens to these body parts as we naturally age I wonder!!

Celebrities who are ageing well

Mostly men! As they don’t need/want to try as hard! Take Jack Nicholson for example, the legend is 80 years old, sporting grey hair, a paunch, facial wrinkles and wearing cords!! Whereas some of his contemporaries, Robert Redford 81, Mick Jagger 74, Paul McCartney 75 still look amazing for their ages!   Some legends like Harrison Ford was 55 years old when he first got his ear pierced!

Helen Mirren said she hasn’t ruled out cosmetic surgery, commented:

“It’s sad when people destroy their faces with too much work but there are also many people who have had success with cosmetic surgery”

“If you can look in the mirror and feel good about yourself, even when you have these ridiculous lips, why not?”

Sarah Jessica Parker at 52 looks great, yet has opted to stay away from the plumped up, smooth face look, although she has succumbed to other surgery.

 Less is more

Celebrities like Meg Matthews who opted to have her ‘fillers’ removed, has recently revealed that after researching a good doctor, she has invested in a bit of Botox and some fillers, although she has made sure that she has gone for the ‘less is more’ look and stayed away from the pillow effect and huge lips, she openly admits that she tried without but felt a bit jowly around the mouth.

It’s Inevitable

We will all age, it is inevitable, it is how we age! We are totally supportive of people ageing, however, they feel comfortable but just remember ‘less is more’ there is nothing worse than the ‘Bride of Weinstein look’.

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