LED Face Masks: Using Light Therapy To Help Midlife Skin

Borne out of necessity, home self care has became popular during lockdown, with more time at home and salons closed. Innovative devices like the LED face mask are gaining popularity. Pictures are appearing across social media and sales are up by over 100%! These hi-tech non-invasive home treatments are not cheap, with costs ranging from a £50 to a few thousand, but the rave reviews seem to indicate they are worth it.
With Madonna, Victoria Beckham and many other celebs being fans, I set out to discover what these LED masks actually do and see if I could improve my skin with this new lightwave treatment.

What is an LED light therapy mask?

The latest generation in wearable technology, the LED mask combines different wave length and lights to rejuvenate the skin:
  • Red and near infra-red light therapy are particularly good for older skin as they increase collagen and elastin production,
  • Infra blue light is anti inflammatory, kills acne-causing bacteria, and regulates oil and sebum production.
  • Infra green light breaks down and reduces pigmentation
  • Infa yellow light has healing qualities.

What are the most popular LED Face Masks?

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro – £430
This medical grade, FDA-cleared mask is a rigid, very popular and impressive looking LED mask. It gives you a range of infra coloured light and is recommended to use for 3 minutes a day. It was voted the best mask on Amazon and tests show consistent improvement.
 MZ SKIN Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device – £385
This gold coloured LED mask emits five different coloured lights to target a variety of skin issues. Put on the mask, plug it in and use the remote control to select the light colour and amount of time.
Project E Beauty Wireless 7 Color LED Mask – £150
With 150 bulbs and seven colour lights this mask is cheaper but heavier. It treats everything from fine lines, to blemishes and rosacea. It also comes with a neck piece.

Deesse LED Facial Mask – £1680

Deesse’s Pro LED masks can be found in clinics but is quite expensive to buy at home. The mask utilises 770 bulbs, four wavelengths and six treatment modes – the makers recommend using it two to three times a week.
CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask – £345
This mask features red lights to stimulate collagen and elastin. Tests showed the mask helped reduce wrinkles by 35 per cent in four weeks and improved skin tone, texture, firmness and tightness. They recommend its used for 10 minutes a day, three to five times per week
This is the one I opted for as I liked the reviews. I looked at other sexy gold LED masks but they are rigid and more expensive. I like the fully flexible style of this one, so more light hits your skin. The mask combines red and near infra-red light to stimulate natural rejuvenation. I know it’s expensive in these difficult times but I justified it as a lockdown treat !

The Results

It has created a glow in the first week of use! My skin feels healthier and to me this is a long term investment. My family thought it was a bit of a gimmick and that I was mad when I ordered the mask, but now they are also trying it out. I also got a spontaneous compliment on my skin on a zoom call the other day!

Let’s be honest, skin ages so why not give it a boost! We lose collagen/ skin elasticity as we age and your skin thins 1% every year, becoming more transparent and started to loosen and sag. That is a BIG incentive for me to try out non invasive ways of slowing down the skin ageing process. Tests show LED light helps, I am a sure mine is going to get lots of use.


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