6 Tips To Ensure You’re Ready To Satisfy

The inconvenient issue of impotence becomes more prevalent as we age. Sexual function sharply decreases by the age of 50 and by 70, 70% of men will experience erectile dysfunction in some manner. Despite this commonality with older men, it is far from a symptom of age, ED is not natural and 90% of cases are linked to physical implications.

Don’t fret, with the right lifestyle changes it’s a simple fix. But it’s always worth seeing a doctor, as there is a correlation between impotence and an underlying disease.

What Is ED Caused By?

The common causes are; stress, fatigue, anxiety, too much alcohol, high cholesterol, low testosterone, high blood pressure and obesity.

A lot of the factors are full well in our control, so here’s the lifestyle changes you can make to aid your sexual function:


 There is a direct link between physical activity and improved sexual function and a  correlation between increased testosterone levels in those who lift weights. Resistance exercise increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure. It’s also cathartic and can release stress and alleviate anxiety.


There is no wonder food which cures ED, but a balanced and nutritious diet can help. Stick to whole grains, healthy fatty acids and lean proteins and eat plenty of colourful fruit and veggies.

Don’t Hide The Problem

Negating the issue will lead you on a vicious cycle of performance anxiety and stress which will only exacerbate the issue. Take an active approach to fixing the problem.

See A Doctor

ED is not a natural part of ageing despite how common it is. It may be an indicator of undetected disease. ED can serve as a warning beacon for something more serious. A trip to the doctor is always worth it.

Reduce Stress

An erection starts in the brain, sending signals to the blood vessels in your penis. Psychology may well be the root to your erectile dysfunction. Anxiety can instigate many of the physical implications synonymous with the problem. Prioritise mental health and minimise stress where you can.


 If you’re still in need of a little encouragement, go for viagra. But remember the pill works better in conjunction with these tips! Don’t become reliant on the pill either, this can exacerbate ED and cause other problems to occur.

Embark upon a healthier lifestyle changes if you haven’t already. The persistence of impotence will plague you in the long term so take an active stance and talk about it. With the right changes you’ll be back to standard in no time!


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