Infographic – 6 Myths About Sex After the Age of 50

It’s difficult to switch on the TV or to watch a movie without seeing some reference to sex. Usually, though it’s very much focused on the sex lives of those in their 20s and 30s and there’s little or no mention of the sex lives of those in their 50s and beyond.

Does this mean that a sex life wanes once you grow past this age? The answer is no! It’s possible to have a healthy and enjoyable sex life no matter what age you are as long as you take a proactive attitude. There’s no doubting the fact that once you move beyond a certain age that there could be some physical or physiological issues that hamper your sex life. The majority can be solved and it’s important to speak with a loved one and a doctor when those concerns arise. If you’re in a relationship and things need to be spiced up, the addition of adult toys can really make things interesting once again.

There are so many toys on the market that will allow you on a solo basis or with your partner to reach new levels of pleasure. Things like a prostate massager or stimulator can bring a whole new dimension to the sexual pleasure of a man plus there’s documentary evidence that stimulating the prostate is good for prostate health so win-win! Many women as they grow older experience a dryer vagina as their hormone levels diminish but through the addition of lubrication (there are so many to choose from!) and even a toy such as a clitoral stimulator, climax and sexual stimulation is but the touch of a button away once again! The possibilities are many when you add in adult toys into your world. The guys at Carvaka have put together this infographic below which details everything you need to know about sex after 50. It separates the myths from the facts; it focuses on some key issues; it details some new ideas to try and lots more besides that…check it all out below!

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