Women Over 50 Are Re-inventing Themselves

Rachel Vogeleisen’s latest photography collection seeks to break outdated stereotypes

Photographer Rachel Vogeleisen’s new project is aiming to break down the existing stereotypes of women over 50. She wants to inspire a new generation of women to refuse to be pigeonholed into what society says they should be.

Her collection is called Fabulous 50+ and is showing in the Brick Lane Gallery until July 8th. It celebrates the accomplishments and aspirations of women who are approaching or already had their 50th birthday. Rachel produced a series of photos alongside each women’s story. All the amazing women in this collection inspires women of all ages to reach for their dreams.

The portraits explore what it means to be a woman over 50 in this century. New doors are opening and the latest generation refuses to conform to the ideas of what they should be doing. Rachel says this is a huge sign of progress:

“I wanted to create a photographic collection which shows women the endless possibilities of what they can achieve after fifty. For far too long, women have been fed a narrative which is frankly now ridiculous when applied to the women I have met. I firmly believe that whatever you want in life, you can achieve it – age should be no barrier.”

Being Part Of The Exhibition

The women featured in the Fabulous 50+ collection are certainly a testament to this ethos. I loved seeing their stories and felt inspired by the way they are navigating their 50’s and beyond.

As a woman who started Rejuvage in my 50’s, I feel honoured to be featured in this exhibition. I love being part of a generation of women who open new doors, start new projects and reinvent their stories and dreams in midlife. All the women featured are show such individuality and have created thriving companies they are rightly proud of.

The collection also includes Tricia Cusden, who began her make-up brand at the age of 65, Absolute Collagen founder Maxine Laceby and Caroline Jackson, CEO of Little Women Lingerie. It also has some amazing women who transformed their careers such as Jane Mackay, who moved from GP to an artist and Jane Points founder of Points South travel who originally worked in marketing.

If you’re in London, it’s well worth popping over to brick lane gallery. Their wide variety of feminist street art really opens the mind!

To find out more about Rachel’s portraits take a look at the official website or Instagram

By Louise Proddow


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