How Emma Thompson Dropped Two Dress Sizes in Six Weeks

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Oscar-winning actress, Emma Thompson recently dropped two dress sizes in six weeks following a regimen by Louise Parker, personal trainer and nutritionist who advised the Duchess of Cambridge.

The trainer advises working out six times a week for 90 minutes a time, alternating weight classes and ballet, plus plenty of general activity and 15 minutes’ daily toning exercises.

Emma Thompson, now an advocate of the Louise Parker method, explains “I love that her method is not a diet – and is genuinely sustainable – so I can have my glass of wine and manage to avoid spending the rest of the week eating cheesy Wotsits.”

The Plan

The 57-year-old’s success brings to light Louise Parker’s holistic lifestyle plan for weight loss, which is as much about attitude and well being as it is intensive exercise. The four components that make up the transform phase are:

  • Think Successfully
  • Live Well
  • Eat Beautifully
  • Workout Intelligently

The healthy eating plan includes low glycemic carbohydrates (think sweet potato and rice rather than white potatoes and bread) and lean healthy proteins, like fish.

There is also an emphasis on lifestyle, with a positive, goal-orientated attitude. Sleeping well is important, a digital detox after 9 pm is a must, as is getting enough down time each day.

The workout involves exercising ‘time efficiently’ every day without having to rely on a gym. 10,000 steps(which is close to 5 miles) and 15 minutes of toning and sculpting exercises are required each day, with a focus on the larger muscle groups.

The plan doesn’t incorporate ‘fad foods’ and is as Emma Thompson says, ‘genuinely sustainable’, putting the habits in place to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.


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