Wellbeing Lessons Covid19 Has Taught Me for 2021

It has been a mind and body rollercoaster this year – 9 months of stay safe, social distancing and worrying the wellbeing of everyone. Challenging times have provoked change and reflection on what is important in life. For me, it has reinforced the importance of communication, connection and made personal health top of mind, not just for me but also the ones I love.

It seems that out of the Covid darkness, quite understandably, more of us are focusing on health and wellness, together with a recognition of the importance of emotional side of health.  Here are the things Covid has highlighted as priorities for 2021:

Mental Wellness

The impact of Covid 19 on mental wellbeing has been visible all around us with rising anxiety, sleeplessness and suicides. This has also driven a rise in innovative new ways to boost brain health including functional foods and supplements, natural sleep remedies, monitors and trackers, and online and in person meditation and mindfulness classes.

Grief Therapy

In response the deluge of traumas and deaths induced by the pandemic, we have learnt the dangers of bottling it up. We are seeing a rise in grief management support, helping people find new ways to process the grief and emotions they are feeling. Forward looking therapists, funeral service providers and wellbeing centers are offering new services, with grief workshops, 1-1s, yoga online and zooms seeking to offer new kinds of support to help us tap into unprocessed grief.

Great Outdoors

The power of the great outdoors and the benefits of connecting with nature through walking, hiking and biking, has been one of the most accessible and safe ways to cope with the restrictions imposed by Covid. Creating time to be outdoors and get some physical activity is here to stay and set to continue to boom.

Wellness Travel

As soon as we can travel again, wellbeing holidays are set to be in big demand as more and more people want use holiday time to improve their health. The most popular of these are likely to be immunity boosting retreats, mindful and sustainable holidays, active trips, and wellness holidays that incorporate exercise, relaxation and social distancing. More and more people want to use their holidays to help them feel better is a Covid safe way.



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