The Body Coach – Top Tips We Love For Staying Lean

First of all, a big congratulations to @thebodycoach Joe Wicks and his partner Rosie for giving birth to their daughter 29th July 2018! We wish you all health and happiness.

Top Tips From Joe Wicks

The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, has shared some of his tips with his 2.2m followers on how he is able to stay lean and fit all year!

As he does such an amazing job of transforming so many midlife bodies, we thought we would share them with you! The great thing is his approach is not restrictive but it’s more about making healthier choices. In fact, many of the people on his 90 Day Plan say they have never eaten so much, while at the same time losing weight and getting toned.

Joe says the key is ‘consistency’. He stays consistent in his lifestyle choices, training 5 days per week and resting 2 days!


Include HIIT

‘Short intense HIIT sessions (25-35 mins) on bike or treadmill’

Why not try out one of Joe’s great workout’s he often does a live session or uploads them onto YouTube. He recommends doing 3-5 sessions a week, mixing up sessions on the bike, treadmill.

We have been explaining how great HIIT workouts are and have some fantastic workouts on our exercise guide – download here.

Use your body weight

Include exercises like pull ups, press ups, dips, burpees, sprints, and kettlebells.

Body weight exercises are easy to do in the comfort of your own home. Try Joe’s burpee session – hard but the feeling is amazing on completion!

Keep hydrated

‘I drink 2-4 litres of water each day’

Other than coffee and alcohol, we try to say that any form of liquid is advisable to stay hydrated and add to the intake! The healthiest options are water and herbal teas.

Limit the alcohol

‘I only get boozy about twice a month, I don’t drink alcohol during the week’

As a general rule, he tries to drink in moderation at weekend’s only, although we know that circumstances don’t always allow this!

Prep your own food

‘I prep my own meals mainly having high fat & protein in 2 meals and one big high carb meal after I train ‘

They are fairly quick and easy to prep. We make sure ours are prepped before my workouts, it’s horrid to come home to otherwise!

Fasted Training

‘I usually train fasted and eat after’

Something we have always found difficult to do but have recently been using this method. It makes the meal your reward, especially if you prep before your workout!

Limit the eating out

‘I eat out about 3 times a week’

Not possible for everyone and healthier if you don’t!

Choose the healthy options

‘I try to choose healthy options but do treat myself to a dessert or ice cream or burger now & again’

We only live once and it’s nice to have a ‘treat’ especially if you’ve had a hard workout.

Plan a blowout

‘I have a proper big blow out day about once or twice a month’

Something to look forward to and then you enjoy it more

Treat your and train

‘When I go on holiday I eat more food & treats but I still workout ‘

A great discipline and easy to achieve if you follow one of Joe’s 15/25 minute workout’s.


‘I always try to get a good night’s sleep (7 hours usually)’

If the hormones are happy then we are, so we can all benefit from a good night’s sleep (something Joe may miss for a while yet with a new baby!)

Keep Going All Year

‘I keep doing all these things all year round’

Exercise isn’t seasonal, it is good to maintain a level of fitness all year around, especially as we have ‘party’ time in the Winter and swimwear time in the Summer!

I think it is great to know that someone who obviously looks after themselves eats fairly ‘normal’ and still looks great.

His books are great with easy to follow recipes if you haven’t tried them we do recommend as they are simple to follow and tasty! They are great for quick and easy meals for the family.

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