Top Tips To Maximise Your Workout & Shift Stubborn Midlife Fat

Middle age is a time to do more exercise, not less! In fact, in your forties and fifties, fat tends to distribute less evenly around our body and usually accumulate more in the places we don’t want them to; stomach, arms and lower back.  Battling the middle-age spread and fitness levels dropping dramatically is one of the main concerns of many middle-aged people.

That’s why we will be discussing the some of the best methods to maximise your workouts and results. You should mix them up rather than sticking to one exercise that you feel comfortable doing because trust us this won’t budge your waistline, you need to challenge yourself as different exercises work different types of muscles. Mixing it up helps keep you motivated while giving your muscles a shock as it’s something completely different to the usual routine.

In every workout include some weight/resistance training. Lean muscle mass helps the body to burn more calories, even when you’re not working out.

Take your workout outdoors!

It’s simple to find ways to build fun and intensity into the outdoor world. For example, benches, steps and kerbsides and low walls can all be used to add some variety to your workout, which is essential when you reach 50+. The only thing stopping you is your imagination.

Stay active throughout the day

Don’t miss an opportunity to add movement to your day. Whether that be walking up an escalator, taking the stairs rather than the lift, park a little bit further away from the front door. Results are measured in small steps.


High-intensity training is essential. If you are undertaking an exercise program, remember shorter, more intense workouts are the key to fitness achievements. There is no need to find the time for medium intensity 60 min workouts.

Fight fatigue with exercise!

When you’re tired exercise may be the last thing you want to do. But exercise is more beneficial than taking a nap or having a cup of coffee at fighting tiredness, even a brisk walk will do you the world of good.

Recovery is part of your workout too!

Don’t overdo it! Allow your muscles to recover from your workout. Muscles need time to repair and grow, so why not indulge yourself in a soothing massage or long bath to improve the flow of blood to sore areas.

Keep intense cardio to the morning

Hardcore cardiovascular effort has a metabolic effect, meaning that your body burns energy more efficiently after these workouts. Try doing this kind of exercise in the morning, then eat smaller, protein-rich amounts of food to keep the metabolic rate increased and feed your fatigued muscles.

Women, be inspired to lift weights. It’s a tale that women bulk up through any sort of weight training. High reps with low weights can maximise strength without overbuilding your muscles. Plus it has heaps of other benefits than help you tone up.

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