Sarah Jane Adams: An Icon For Embracing Ageing

Sarah Jane Adams has become an icon for embracing ageing, it all started by posting an Instagram posing in a red Adidas jacket, which was reposted by Adidas.

The icons approach towards ageing is refreshing for many, she explains, ‘I don’t find ageing difficult at all I’m embracing it’.

The star has now amassed an Instagram following of over 140,000 and is represented by IMG worldwide, the prestigious modelling agency also represented by 67-year-old Maye Musk and the Hadid twins.

Adams explains,  ‘My wrinkles are my stripes, they are my badge of honour, they show that I have lived what i’ve lived, why would I want to get rid of them’.

She also emphasises it’s important to ‘be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin’.

Adams doesn’t have a radical approach to fitness or nutrition, ‘i’m not hung up about it’ she says and eats whatever she wants,  but usually, opts for organic while staying clear of red meat and sugar. She also regularly practices yoga, known as one of the most powerful exercises to help you age well, keeping you mobile and strong

‘I don’t try to be ageless, I’m fine being 61’ Adams said talking to the Telegraph. Adam’s refreshing approach defies the negative misconceptions surrounding ageing, teaching the many who fear the process of ageing, that there’s nothing to worry about.




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