The Best Retro Workouts Of The 80s & 90s You Need To Try

Bring back the RETRO workout!!!

Have we become serious and lost the fun out of our workouts? I say let’s bring back that 80s vibe and a bit of colour to our fitness.

Who remembers ‘Mr Motivator?’

‘The Green Goddess’

and ‘Jane Fonda’

These iconic retro ‘workout’ kings and queens still make me smile and brought excitement and fun to a workout in lounges and gyms across the UK in the 80s/90s.

Although they’re not on trend anymore and people wouldn’t be seen dead wearing an ‘all in one luminous lycra leotard’ the workouts were/are still effective, they had huge followings, and worked! We’ve become a busy nation, always rushing around in challenging jobs and the latest fitness trends mirror with, with the popular HIIT or Crossfit sessions, all striving to push the body further. It’s all a bit intense for me, and a softer woman’s body is more flattering!

If there’s one thing we understand in 2017, it’s that exercise is about variety, mixing up your routine, incorporating yoga and resistance training is essential, so let’s go back to the classics and feel the burn retro style?

Despite the colourful leotards and leg warmers being long gone, these exercises are timeless and you’ll still be drenched in sweat (and a smile )with your whole body burning by the end.

And thanks to youtube you can get retro anytime you like, I like be, here are some of my favs:

Jane Fonda’s Advanced Workout – 1985

Credit: Youtube / Sophia Gibbs

Believe it or not, Jane Fonda was 48 in this video!

With Leslie Lilien’s ‘Do It’ beating in the background, accompanied by the occasional ‘wooo’ and clapping, Jane Fonda’s advanced workout is a fun one with a euphoric atmosphere.

Many of Jane Fonda’s moves are based on Yoga poses, meaning the workout improves flexibility and mobility while delivering an intense burn.

Cindy Crawford: The Next Workout – 1993

Credit: Youtube / Black Sun

A classic many still swear by today. Cindy Crawfords, ‘The Next Workout’ is an hour long session of almost non-stop movement. It’s gruelling and intense with exercises that incorporate the entire body, especially the legs and abs. A great one for toning up.

The workout is a mixture of resistance and aerobic movements, which builds muscle whilst burning fat. An hour session will burn around 500 calories!

Mr Motivator’s BLT – 1993


Credit: YouTube / DIC

Mr Motivation provides you all the inspiration you need to kickstart your exercise routine in his BLT workout. With the exotic tropical backdrops, and a few leotard changes (we counted 4!) Mr Motivator will take you through an hour long routine incorporating dance, cardio and yoga all into one intense workout!

Drag out your leg warmers and go back to the classics and try a vintage workout! They’re a refreshing change from your usual routine and still just as effective. Feel the burn!!!

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