Rebel Talent: Why It Pays To Break The Rules In Work And In Life

By Louise Proddow

Yes, yes this is what I have always believed and the title of a new book, out this week by Francesca Gino. She says, “rebels understand that different perspectives can lead us away from stale assumptions, towards deeper, more powerful thinking”.

Being a creative soul, who lives in a barn, feels repressed in conventional relationships and runs their own business, this is the mantra I live by. I have always been honest about who I am and how I feel in love, life and work. Sometimes this has been a rocky journey, causing lots of bedtime tears and phone calls to my mum (even now) but ultimately so much happiness.

The world needs rebels to challenge the status quo, to find new ways of doing things, to push boundaries in work, sport, art, relationships, and life.

Challenge social norms and be your best self, do not be held back by convention. It’s about allowing yourself to think differently, try out new experiences and new ways to grow in your life.  Rebellion, as Gino defines it, isn’t simply about rule breaking, is about allowing your best self, and your talents, to shine through in all aspects of your work and your life. By tapping into the core elements of being a rebel, novelty, curiosity, perspective, diversity and authenticity.

The rule breakers, the non-conformists, brighten up the world by bringing a new dimension to life at work and play as we see on instagram.

I love the way Celeste Barber (@celestebarber) entertains with comedy to over 3 million fans by challenging celebrity culture and showing body positive images and stands up for her rights, in an interview with The Guardian, she says she’s happy for the images to be seen as a comment on sexism in the media.

The comedian continues, “I totally identify as a feminist, but I’m even more so now without knowing I was one. All of a sudden, I’m like oh yeah, I’ll march and shit, because I’ve got a voice.”

Another Instagram rebel is  Angie Weihs, who explains in her bio “Do what you want, wear what you feel, say what you think; we shoot our own arrows👑🏹Empowered women inspiration.” The midster captures the philosophy in her book, “Ageless: Rebell”, an interactive and empowering planner which guides your journey into the ‘agelessness’.

And  Melanie Kobayashi, has a similarly bold attitude, “I’m solidly in my 50s. I’m used to it now, at least enough to know there’s no normal anymore. BAM!! – that’s the sound of my rulebook hitting the trash can.”

So how are you a midlife rebel? How do you break the rules?

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