Pedal Your Way To Perfect Skin

3 reasons why your bike is your best friend if you want beautiful skin as you age.

Beauty editor and keen cyclist Adele Mitchell explains.

Hitting the hills on a road bike, shredding the mountain bike trails or sweating it out in a spin class: cycling is a great way to get fit, lift your mood and have fun. All that heart pounding pedalling and red-in-the-face awesomeness has another benefit too – it works wonders at revitalising your skin.

Here’s why:

  1. Pedalling hard raises your heart rate, which in turn increases the blood flow to your skin and delivers the oxygen and nutrients essential for a bright, revitalised complexion. The blood flow also carries away waste products – including cell-damaging free radicals that are linked to premature ageing.  

The increased blood flow is, in effect, cleansing the skin from the inside.

  1. Healthy eating is essential to fuel your fitness, and help your body recover after a strenuous ride and then come back stronger. It’s no secret that eating well will also benefit your complexion – it’s a win-win situation on a plate!
  1. Riding a bike is fun and a great stress buster – and that benefits your appearance too because if you feel good then you look and feel more relaxed. To put it simply, a happy face is always beautiful.

Of course, these benefits apply to any form of strenuous exercise – so next time you’re putting the miles in and it’s starting to hurt, just think of it as the greatest gift to your skin – and push yourself a bit harder!

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Need to know…

If you’re exercising outdoors then you do need to protect your skin, at all times of year, from the skin-damaging effects of exposure to the sun: it is the most important thing to remember if trying to maintain youthful skin!

@adelemitchell is a beauty editor and cycle blogger.


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