Our 8 Most Popular Articles In 2018

In 2018, we bought you articles covering real women’s stories, midlife, beauty, fitness and much more.  We’ve had a great year talking to like-minded midlifers, and even meeting some of you at our first event! So, we’ve collected the most popular articles from this year, just in case you missed them.

Top Beauty Article 

15 Best Face Serums For Mature Skin To Try In 2018

Our article covering the best face serums for mature skin has been very popular with our Rejuvage readers! Our selection goes by the quality of ingredients and reviews, analysing a range of serums from low to premium price. Read More

Top Midlife Article

How Hormones Affect You In Midlife

Just as our hormones fluctuate during puberty, our hormones in midlife take a plunge. It causes dramatic physical and psychological changes and our body can feel like it’s not our own. Find out about all the changes that are common for women during midlife. Read More

Top Menopause Articles

How Menopause Affects Your Brain (and What To Do!)

As well as the physical changes to your body in midlife, another concern of our readers was the way the menopause can affect the brain. In this article, we covered how menopause can affect your thought processes, and what to do about it! Read More

10 Top Tips on a Better Night Sleep During the Menopause

Our readers who contacted our menopause expert, Kathy Abernethy through our contact form described lack of sleep due to Menopause leaving them feeling like “zombies”. We tackle the ways to improve your night’s sleep during the menopause. Read More

9 Inspirational Celebs Who Speak Out About Menopause

2018 has been a year where women have been more outspoken about issues like the menopause. With the subject often a closely guarded secret for those going through it, this has been the year of menopause cafe’s where women met up to talk about it and the subject is slowly becoming less taboo. Celebrities have helped this by being outspoken and talking about it, raising more awareness. Read More

Top Fitness Articles

Getting Fit Fast at 50: The Truth

Getting fit over 50 can be a hard task but a documentary on the BBC revealed how Brits can get more active without the need to commit lots of time. Read More

7 Best HIIT Workouts On YouTube You Can Do At Home

Not all of us have the time to get out for a run, or even head to the gym and sometimes working out in front of other people feels us with dread! For an easier way to get fit, we gathered the best HIIT workouts on youtube that you can do at home. Read More

Top Relationship Article

Midlife Sex: A Sex Therapist Answers Her Most-Asked Questions

A regular contributor to Rejuvage, Sex and Relationship’s Therapist Sarah Doherty talks about all things to do with midlife sex and answers readers questions. Read More

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