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Mens Surgery

It’s a popular misconception that cosmetic surgery is just for women. There’s plenty out there for men too! Whether it be accentuating your jawline or treating hair loss, we have all you need to know to help you make the first steps to undergoing surgery.

Brow Lift

Find out more about a Brow lift, here! A brow lift is a type of male surgery that reduces the appearance of wrinkles across your brow, as well as giving your upper face a noticeable lift. Find out more about the costs, potential risks and our recommended Surgeons!

Chin Surgery

Chin surgery uses implants to give men a more defined chin and jaw. This male surgery can also be preformed to reduce the size of your chin or alter the shape. We have included details on the types of chin surgery available as well as the average costs for you when considering this surgery!

Ear Reshaping 

If you are bothered by your ears, find our all the details on ear surgery and reshaping, here. This male surgery reduces the size of ears, reshapes them, or can pin the back if they stick out! This procedure can change the overall appearance of the face as well as boost confidence. Find out more about costs, and whether this surgery is suitable for you, here.

Face Lift

Men get face lifts too! Find everything you need to know about getting a face lift, here. The surgery ranges from mini to deep plane, depending on how much of a lift you need and how many wrinkles you want to vanish. Find out more about average costs, potential risks and recommended Surgeons.

Facial Implants 

Are you interested in Facial Implants? This surgery enables you to enhance your cheeks, jaw, and chin, and is a quick procedure often chosen to boost areas across a man’s face that may have become shallow as you have aged. Find out everything you need to know about facial implants, here.

Hair Transplant

Is your hair thinning as you age? Consider a hair transplant, a male surgery that will enhance your hair follicles to encourage your hairs to grow again to keep up healthy hair for longer! This male surgery will reduce the signs of ageing, find out more about a hair transplant, here.

Neck Lift

Find out more about neck lifts, here. This surgery will give your neck a youthful boost, reducing the appearance of wrinkles by tightening the skin and reducing excess fat. Get all the information you need, including average costs, potential side effects, and Rejuvage recommended Surgeons!

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery is available for those that would like to resize, reshape and even improve their noses’ functionality! Nose surgery is a great option for men that may have been involved in a lot of sport when they were younger and have damaged the shape or functionality of their nose. Find out everything you need to know, here!

Pectoral Implants 

Find out everything you need to know about pectoral implants, here. This male specific surgery helps restore structure and shape to the chest to reduce the signs of sagging and ageing skin. We have provided all the details you need to know on this male specific surgery including costs and potential risks.

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