Maye Musk – The 68 Year Old Supermodel

Featured image credit to Maye Musk via Instagram: @MayeMusk.

Maye Musk, the supermodel who has been in the game for over five decades is having a surge in her career after turning grey.

In 2015 she switched to IMG models, one of the most prestigious model agencies in the world, listed models include the Hadid sisters and Miranda Kerr.

The Musk name is a familiar one to the public eye, as Maye Musk is the mother of billionaire engineer, Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla and Paypal.

Maye Musk’s Advice

Musk is one of the many advocates of hard work as an anti-ager. A belief backed by science, with studies showing inactivity kills, with links to the cognitive and physical inactivity of retirement causing health decline.

“Work keeps you young”

But this isn’t her only advice for preserving beauty. Musk is an advocate for embracing ageing,  “I never consider it a disadvantage. Enjoy every day — and stay healthy.”

Some of her tips on living a prosperous life, as she listed in IOL, including wearing sun protection and to keep pushing your brain. “That way you will stay sharp and it will show in your face”.

Adpt advice considering sun is one of the most common premature agers. Studies show it leads up to 80% of skin ageing, so daily protection is a must. As with the brain, it’s adaptive ability means synapses that aren’t used regularly will perish. So if the mind isn’t stimulated enough cognitive function will diminish.

Musk will be gracing the catwalks amongst people far younger than her during New York Fashion week later this month. However, this doesn’t seem to deter the model, who explains, “I want to work and have fun on those runways,”.



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