Mari Markkanen, 42 – What Makes Finland A Happy Place To Live

So Finland is apparently the happiest country in the world, according to the recent UN 2018 World happiness report. Having spent lots of time in Helsinki we were not surprised to see the Nordic nations take the top four place in this happiness study.

With the UK only ranking at 19th place, we were interested to chat to our friend Mari in Finland and discover the secret, with only 5.5 million people and lots of snow, they are good at turning wealth into wellbeing.

Here is what Mari, a Yoga Teacher and Owner at Yoga Marinella, Founder of Marketing Marinella shared with us…

“I have always been given the freedom to choose what I want to study and do in my life, and all the Finns have same, equal opportunities. We can get a great education, which doesn’t cost us anything. My family has given me possibilities to see and experience the world from very early age onwards. So, travelling has furthermore widened my perspectives and taught me to respect my home country even more.”

I have always felt that anything is possible, if I want to do something in my life, it’s just a matter of making my dreams become reality. Also my home country feels safe. I don’t feel I have to be afraid. I furthermore feel I have equal opportunities as a woman.

I have always been socially and physically active and had a strong social network: lots of friends and hobbies. I feel loved. I take care of myself by eating healthy, exercising, doing yoga and meeting regularly with my friends and family.

Really small things can make me happy: walking in nature, enjoying beautiful scenery, helping a friend, reading a nice book, talking with a friend and taking care of myself and my own wellbeing.

So all in all: it’s the small choices in everyday life that make me happy. And I just love our beautiful nature, and Finnish people, who are very loyal and trustworthy as friends.

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