How To Stay Trim Over Easter & Calories In Your Chocolate Eggs

By Colette Pienaar

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I love Easter, for me it represents spring transitioning to summer with beautiful yellow daffodils popping up everywhere, school holidays, garden parties and a fun time to give and receive chocolate easter eggs and other treats.

YAY to fun food!  Boo to how hard it is to lose the excess flab!

Does the thought of undoing all your hard work fill you with dread?

How do you tackle staying trim at this time of the year?

Here’s my top tip is to be mindful of what you need to do to balance out any indulgence.

Staying active, eating little and often, having a taste rather than an entire egg, one glass of wine rather than a bottle are a few principles you can apply.

Failing that, try my FREE 7 Day fat loss challenge that teaches you an easy to follow eating plan that allows you to work around cheat meals.

Here are a few examples of common Easter treats and some ideas for exercise that will help you burn it off, assuming you can’t say no of course!

Remember that weight management is always about calorie deficit, so eating less than the number of calories you burn is crucial to staying trim.

Make sure your Calories IN are equal to, or less than Calories OUT.



Fancy any of these for easter?

All you need to be is selective and have a taste of the treat you really really want.

Try not to fall into the trap of eating easter treats just because they are there.

Not sure about you but for the bigger easter eggs, seeing how much exercise is needed to burn off the calories is a fantastic incentive to have a teeny taste and bin the rest.

Eeek! Did you say BIN?

Yes – LOL – it’s ok to bin it !!

Make sure you are active this will really help to offset the extra calories and ensure you stay on track whilst enjoying the feast! Plus drink water – lots of it.


eggs 2

If you want help working out what your deficit needs to be please shout, just hit reply to this message.

PS:: Calorie burn is based on an average 10 stone female, and moderate walking is approx 3 kmph on the flat. Tables taken from here



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