Beyoncé Is Pregnant & Glowing!

Last week Beyoncé confirmed on Instagram, (in true Beyoncé fashion) that she is pregnant with twins. The announcement shocked the world and her Instagram photo quickly rose to the most liked on the platform (9.9m).

Credit: Instagram / Beyoncé

A veil-covered Beyoncé cradles her baby bump in front of an arch of vibrant flowers.

Although covered by a veil, Beyoncé’s radiant pregnancy glow is shining through! Caused by hormonal changes, increased blood flow to the face makes the complexion look invigorated, healthy and nourished.

But a stunning natural glow isn’t exclusive to pregnancy, anyone can achieve healthy and glowing skin with the right routine!  We’ve put together a radiant ‘quick fix’ to liven up your skin through February!

1. Exfoliate

Firstly, get rid of that dull and dry skin residing on the top layer of your face. Use a good exfoliator to slough it away and unearth the fresher, brighter skin underneath.

Pixi Glow Tonic £27.00

A gentle exfoliator enriched with glycolic acid, soothing aloe and firming witch hazel to promote a natural and healthy glow!

2. Moisturise

Since we’re not experiencing the accelerated oil production of pregnancy, regular use of moisturiser is a good idea. Olay Sunshine Moisturiser is a lightweight cream, complete with antioxidants for that free-radical protection.

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Touch of Sunshine Moisturiser £15.52

A multi-tasking moisturiser with an added gradual sunlight tanner for a natural and radiant glow, including the popular anti-ager and antioxidant, vitamin E.

3. Serum

Finish with a serum to deliver a powerful dose of nutrients to the skin, helping to even tone and brighten your complexion.

Photo: CultBeauty

Oskia Get Up & Glow £66.00

The award-winning face serum, designed to brighten by delivering a nourishing boost of vitamins to the skin.

4. Face Mask

The occasional face mask is well worth adding to your skincare routine! Give your skin a boost with a 10-minute mask to powerfully nourish the skin with brightening ingredients while eliminating impurities.

Dermo-Expertise Pure Clay Glow Mask £7.99

An illuminating mask using red algae, well-known for its brightening properties. The mask is a blend of three pure clays to promote a healthy complexion and improve skin texture.

All you need to achieve that radiant pregnancy glow, without the babies!


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