Top 10 Night Creams for Mature Skin

Repair and rehydrate sun-damaged skin with our top pro-ageing night creams.

Sleep is a time where the body heals, and this is no different for skin. Our skin cells are most productive when we sleep, your body boosts blood flow while you’re asleep as part of the repair process and cells are more receptive to ingredients. A nourishing night cream enhances this natural cycle and helps you wake up with a glow.

Take a look at our top picks for anti-ageing night creams.

1. Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

Stimulate cell turnover and support your skin’s natural collagen network to keep wrinkles at bay and rejuvenate your complexion. The best-selling oxygenating night cream from Elemis includes an efficacious mix of active ingredients to deliver noticeable results through these methods. Although one pot will set you back £95, a little goes a long way and the whole thing will last up to 6 months.

£95.00 from Lookfantastic – Buy Now

2. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II

An award-winning and all-time classic, a revision of the Complex I which hit the market by storm in 1982. According to their clinical tests, “More than 75% of women felt their skin looked more youthful in just 4 weeks.”

£53.00 at Lookfantastic – Buy Now 

3. Clinique Superdefence Night Moisturiser

An intensive overnight moisturiser with versions for dry and oily skin. The formula has added antioxidants for protection and to help encourage cellular turnover. You’ll wake up with a super soft and hydrated complexion after use!

£43.00 at John Lewis – Buy Now

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4. Ren V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream

A gentle overnight cream by clean skincare pioneers Ren, so you can be assured there’s nothing toxic in the formula. It’s full of natural actives to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

£36.00 at Lookfantastic – Buy Now

5. Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins

‘Put dullness to rest’ with Origin’s famous night cream. Considered the holy grail of moisturisers, the formula is best-seller around the world. It’s fortified with vitamins C, E & H and helps to wake up tired-looking skin by removing dead skin cells our skin cells that naturally slough away at night.

£36.50 at Boots – Buy Now

Top Tip: After applying your night cream, let it absorb into the skin for a few minutes before plunging your head into a pillow to retain an even distribution of product on your face and so the cream doesn’t smear off.

6. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

A best-seller from Kiehl’s, their Midnight Recovery Concentrate has a nourishing formula designed to replenish and revitalise skin overnight. The oil contains Kiehl’s signature ingredient, squalene. It’s paraben free and 99.8% naturally derived, making it ideal for sensitive skin!

£38.00 at House of Fraser – Buy Now

7. Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Age-Defying Night Cream

Olay’s night cream is quick absorbing and boasts some impressive stats and accolades. 83% of Olay’s regular users of Regenerist 3-point creams agree that it takes years off the look of the skin age, plus it’s been approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute. It’s an efficacious night cream, with the figures to back their impressive claims.

£30.00 at Amazon – Buy Now

8. The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream

Part of The Body Shop’s best-selling skincare range which utilises the powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E. Their night cream is suitable for all skin types and pumps moisture into the skin overnight to help you wake up with a hydrated and youthful complexion.

£14.00 at The Body Shop – Buy Now

9. Lancôme – ‘Génifique’ Youth Activating Night Cream

A luxurious and silky textured night cream, brilliant for sensitive skin thanks to its gentle and hydrating formula, it’s top quality at a reasonable price. Happy consumers exclaim results are visible from the first use, leaving skin glowing while keeping the wrinkles at bay.

£63.00 at Debenhams – Buy Now

10. Elizabeth Arden – Ceramide Lift & Firm Night Cream

Part of the lavish, golden ceramide range from anti-ageing veterans, Elizabeth Arden. It contains cellular pumping technology and a time-release formula to ensure you wake up with a radiant complexion in the morning.

£59.00 at Lookfantastic – Buy Now

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