6 Skincare Products to Help Your Skin During Lockdown

Some of us have seen lockdown as a chance to give your skin a break from makeup and allow your skin to breathe, imagining coming out of quarantine with glowing skin! However, for many of us lockdown is making our skin break out, become more oily or more dry, and look worse than usual even though we’re spending more time make-up free! There are a few reasons for this according to experts.

Whats causing my skin to break out during lockdown? 

There are a number of reasons your skin might be struggling during quarantine.

  • More snacking and eating sugary foods due to boredom
  • More time spent looking at screens which can be damaging for the skin
  • Stress of being in lockdown and massive changes in routine
  • Not drinking enough water (we tend to neglect it when we’re spending a lot of time at home) and drinking more tea and coffee

We know there are bigger things to worry about, but a bit of self care to improve your skin can make you feel better inside and out.

So how can we improve our lockdown skin? 

There are many simple solutions to improving your skin whilst you are in lockdown. Eating more fruit and vegetables where you can instead of snacking on unhealthy food is a start. Try meditation to calm your stress and anxiety, and keep to a set routine. Drink plenty of water, and replace all those cups of tea with hot water and lemon. A bit of self care with new skincare products can also go a long way in improving your skin and giving yourself a bit of pamper while you have time.

6 Best Skincare Products for Lockdown

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser – £11.50

A pioneer of using natural ingredients including soy, sake and sugar, this brand combines good to skin ingredients with centuries old beauty rituals. This cleanser is enriched with soy proteins to help maintain elasticity and overall health while it removed makeup and daily dirt from your skin. Find out more

The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factor – £4.90

We love The Ordinary because they’re both fantastic products and reasonably priced! This non greasy cream gives your skin immediate hydration and lasting results. It boosts your skins natural components that keep your skins outer layers protected and hydrated. Find out more

Neal’s Yard Remedies Rehydrating Facial Wash – £17.00

This gentle cleanser is great for normal and sensitive skin with a caring blend of Rose Otto and Aloe Vera. It clears away dirt and excess oils while replenishing hydration and leaving your skin healthy and balanced. Antioxidants within the formula also protect against environmental aggressors to strengthen the skin. Find out more

The Light Salon Boost Cleanse and Recovery spray – £18.00

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Face Mask – £18.00

A favourite for many skincare obsessives, this dry sheet mask is innovative in that its waterless but is still fill of supercharged ingredients that seep into your skin such as vitamins, floral extracts, peptides and oils. It leaves your complexion boosted and dewy in just 15 minutes. Each sheet can also be used up to three times! Find out more

DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strip: Eyes – £7.00

Anyone else struggling to sleep and finding darker circles under their eyes? These gel strips brighten and comfort tired, weary under eyes. Moisture strips make your eyes feel soft and comfortable and combat dark circles and under eye puffiness in just 10 minutes. Find out more


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