5 Tips For Better Holiday Sex (Even During The Menopause)!

Does anyone else dread the sizzling sexual expectations of lots of sex from your partner as you pack for holiday? You can almost feel your partner’s libido rising at the thought of the sun, sea, sand and cocktails!

But igniting your inner holiday sex goddess can be a bit challenging with those midlife hormones and menopause symptoms raging.  Declining oestrogen and testosterone contribute to a low libido, and my idea of a great holiday involves relaxing with a book rather than sex on the beach!  Getting hot and sweaty usually involves a hot flush, not a night of passion for me over the last few months.

All the changes and stresses of a busy midlife can take its toll on a healthy sex life, not to mention the subsequent boredom. But a holiday brings a great opportunity for couples to reconnect, you have time together and can relax, here are a few ideas on how to enhance the physical and emotional connection.

An image of Louise and Kevin on holiday at a beach.

1. Reconnect

Make an effort to reconnect. Do things you both enjoy, try to create romance and touch, show an interest. Spend time talking and listening to each other while you’re away. Talk about your sex life, explore new ideas, get rid of any niggles and irritations.

2. Be body positive

Embrace the changes in your body, confidence is a big turn on, flaunt your curves. Treat yourself to some new holiday clothes to make you feel good, try out some new styles and shapes to make yourself feel sexy on the beach and by the pool.

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3. Increase the pleasure

Make foreplay and sex easier, more pleasurable and less painful on holiday by packing some lubricant. Sex becomes so much easier and less painful with a little help. During the menopause the vaginal lining thins, vaginal walls become less elastic, and lubrication diminishes, causing vaginal dryness, burning, or itching, this can put you off having sex and make sex painful. Use a natural lube to replace your own moisture, you need a little extra hydration to keep everything feeling sexy when making love.

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4. Have fun

Being on holiday is a time to enjoy you, indulge in romantic meals, get close on the dance floor; sunset walks on the beach and the odd drink.  Be intimate, why not plan a joint massage or massage each other? Fill your days and nights with fun, it will enhance your libido; plan ahead and don’t overdo it. Too much alcohol or overeating is a real turn off. Think sizzling sex, not sleep.

An image of Louise and Kev on a Spanish beach.

5. Healthy you

A healthy you is a great base for healthy sex and being on holiday gives you lots of options to be outdoors, exercise more, swim, walk and eat fresh food.  Use the holiday as a chance to give your life and sex life a healthy boost. This will all help to reduce your stress and increase your stamina and desire in the bedroom

There are many factors involved in having great sex. This includes the location and weather. But our minds and bodies have the biggest influence on how pleasurable our holiday is.  By connecting with your partner, embracing a positive attitude and having lots of fun with lots of lubrication you’re going to increase desire, arousal, and pleasure.  With a little intimacy and planning, this could be your sexiest midlife holiday yet.

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